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I have used Cherrybank for the last 18 years now and over that time, I have built a strong relationship with every dentist, nurse, receptionist, advisor and some of them I have known since that first day.

I was in terrible pain and felt very sorry for myself at the time, but I was welcomed and none of my personal health challenges made the slightest bit of difference to the way I was treated then or have been treated since.

My first impression was of distrust!! I looked at the coffee machine and the “comfort” menu as gimmicks, a veneer that, as far as I was concerned, was only there to cover up unknown shortfalls that would reveal themselves sooner or later. I was talking from experience after all.

The level of understated attention I received however, was very reassuring and the experience was surprisingly pleasant. My previous experiences were more akin to that of a Kwik-Fit waiting room than a British Airway VIP lounge. The treatment I received that day was “First Class”, definitely not “economy” though as far as my wallet was concerned and no “Air Miles” either to cushion the turbulence. However, I was sold, these people knew their business; I felt I had arrived.

If I average the 3 visits per year I make (sometimes more), it means I have visited that little, understated practice about 50 – 60 times since my first encounter with Janice in 2000. I cannot cast my mind to a time where I was dissatisfied with any of the treatments I have received, impartial advice I was given or best course of action I should follow and the reasons why.

About 5 years ago, some changes happened to my upper front teeth and while I soldiered on I knew the inevitable would happen, sooner rather than later, I would have to contemplate wearing a plate or having implants fitted. I don’t know about anybody but for me, this was a drastic decision to make, a change that filled me with horror, dread, great apprehension… a thousand questions needed answered. Now, it is at times like these that you need to have the confidence, the belief, the reassurance that you are in safe hands. Lucky me!!!

I spent a few hours with one of their advisors and was given very detailed options available to me. All with varying degrees of interventions and costs. The options available, their financial cost and pros and cons were all explained very clearly and not once was I ever guided or lead to one option over the other. I was able to take their advice without prejudice because of the 18 years of trust they had provided me with, I truly felt the choice was mine alone.

I chose to have 4 implants fitted to support a permanent plate which in financial terms equate to the price of a reasonable small new car. Now believe me when I say, I thought exactly the same thing as you might be thinking yourself just now. I took a few days before making my decision. It wasn’t hard actually, you only need to look at your street to see hundreds of cars rusting, depreciating in value every day; At least I would be able to smile about it and with confidence.

Nothing prepares you for the journey ahead, mine took 5 months from start to finish. The hardest time was the waiting weeks before the intervention.

From then on: IT WAS A BREEZE, A VERY REASSURING EXPERIENCE. You suddenly have the knowledge you have made the right choice. Nobody around me even noticed anything different in my appearance. People think I am a lot happier these days: its only because I smile a lot more now than I could before.

Now, what I have to do here, is explain the experience in terms of the support I received from everyone and I do mean everyone at Cherrybank. I truly hope this allows you to make your decision easier.

Everything was taken care of, from day one, right up to the end. The level of care, nurturing, the attention to details you will not even think of yourself, all of it was very carefully orchestrated and delivered with great professionalism & pride. I was more excited at the nurses being excited for me than for myself (I hope this doesn’t sound wrong and you understand my meaning). From providing my wife with dinner for the 2 of us on my first day after surgery to offering me with all the additional treatment they deemed necessary to facilitate my recovery and my parting gift (Just you wait and see…).

So, to everyone at Cherrybank, from Dentists, Surgeon, anaesthetist, radiologist, nurses, receptionists, advisor and Elaine who is the brain behind it all, a big thank you.

I was told that the definition of a good sale is when both parties are satisfied with the outcome. I certainly am.

Thank you

Eric Reymbaut

(Perth Dental Implants, May 2018)


Eric Reymbaut - May 2018, Perth, Dental Implants, Emergency Dentist

Hi, a brief email to say thanks for fitting me in today. I was incredibly well looked after with the usual combination of care and professionalism. The reception team, dentist and nurse i had today are all a credit to the profession.

Anon - December 2016, Scotland, Emergency Dentist

I’ve always hated going to the dentist (horrendous experience as a kid with a monster Dentist) and I’ve literally never been happy with my teeth.

It’s genuinely changed my life having this work done. Harriet and Robyn have been beyond excellent throughout. Lauren was also great, even though she essentially tortured me in my first appointment with that awful gum depth checker thing! And of course you’ve been brilliant coordinating everything and helping me work out my treatment. I could gush on and on, but you get the idea. Thank you so much!

The team at Cherrybank Dental Spa went above and beyond during my treatment. They listened to my concerns and helped work out a plan that was right for me and within my budget. Dr. Morse and her colleagues have done an incredible job and constantly made me feel comfortable and well looked after. I really can’t recommend them enough.

Neil - September 2015, Scotland, Cosmetic Dentistry, General Dentistry

I receive regular dental hygiene services twice a year from Gayle and it is my pleasure to say that I am very happy with Gayle’s work.  I have found that her personal style is excellent – her style is very calming, she deals with my queries in an open, informative way and she pays attention to detail.  Gayle has a gentle but effective style of treatment that is very reassuring, inspiring confidence in her ability.

In relation to Gayle’s dental therapy, my experience of her work in this respect has been in the replacement of two old amalgam fillings with white composite fillings.  Again, as with her hygienist’s work, I found her work in this type of treatment was excellent.  She delivered the anaesthetic very carefully, and without discomfort, and the fillings were completed efficiently and competently.

Having experienced quite a number of hygienists and dentists of variable quality over the years, it is a pleasure to have found someone of excellent style and technical ability.

Prof. Graham Jackson, Ph.D., F.F.S.Soc., M.S.B. C.Biol., B.Sc - May 2014, Perth, General Dentistry

The whole experience at Cherrybank Dental Spa has been relaxing, friendly and stress-free. All the staff have been friendly, helpful and calming.  Aftercare is of prime importance and one feels cosseted from the moment one walks in the door. Treatment has been totally pain-free and efficient. I really could not recommend the spa highly enough.

S. Ann Wilson - October 2013, Perth, General Dentistry

Thankyou everyone at Cherrybank. I had neglected my teeth and gums, and knew I had to pay for the price. The process has been much better than I expected, and I wish I had found Cherrybank earlier. This is a different kind of dental practice.

Steve - August 2013, Scotland, Crowns and Bridges, White fillings

I am very happy with the treatment I have received from Cherrybank dental spa. I had been unhappy with the way my smile looked for years but I didn’t think I would ever do anything about it. It was so easy to make an appointment and the staff were extremely helpful in explaining treatment options to me. The whole treatment from start to finish has been very easy and stress free. I would recommend Cherrybank to everyone.

Kerryanne - May 2013, Scotland, Cosmetic Tooth Bonding, Invisalign ®

Staff at Cherrybank were really lovely and very helpful. There was a couple of problems, but they were very apologetic and sorted the problems really quickly. The Invisalign is amazing and I would recommend it, and Cherrybank Dental Spa, to anyone.

SM - April 2013, Scotland, Invisalign ®, White fillings


I found cherrybank online and having had the treatment i can say i am delighted with the result. My wife is very jealous and i know it will cost me a small fortune to have her teeth done as well in the future.

Scott - April 2013, Perth, General Dentistry

I am very happy with the treatment I have received from Cherrybank Dental Spa. I had been unhappy with the way my smile looked for years but I didn’t think I would do anything about it. It was so easy to make an appointment and all the staff were exremely helpful in explaining treatment options to me. The whole treatment from start to finish has been very easy and stress free. I would recommend Cherrybank to anyone.

Kerryanne - February 2013, Scotland, Cosmetic Tooth Bonding, Invisalign ®

I came to Cherrybank Dental Spa with the intention of receiving orthodontic treatment. After a consultation with a treatment co-ordinator (who was extremely friendly and helpful), I then went to see the dentist. After discussing my options, we decided the best treatment for me was cosmetic bonding. Wow! I am so happy with the results. The facilities at Cherrybank are amazing and the staff are kind and friendly. I would have no hesitation recommending Cherrybank who treated me with kindness and consideration. The best dental experience I’ve ever had!

Cosmetic Bonding - January 2013, Scotland, Cosmetic Tooth Bonding

Before I came to Cherrybank I had really bad front teeth which affected my smile and confidence. The reception and staff were very welcoming. It did not feel like a normal dentist and was more relaxed and very reassuring. The end product was very pleasing and I have never looked back with any regret.

December 2012, Perth, General Dentistry

The treatment that I received at Cherrybank was first class. I saw a number of dentists and each and every one of them were friendly, professional, and most of all made me feel relaxed. I cannot recommend this dental practice highly enough. Any future cosmetic work that I decide to undertake will definately be carried out at Cherrybank.

December 2012, Perth, General Dentistry

In this new world of instant communication, rapid media distribution and immediate opinion formation, it is critical for anyone exposed to that circus to use every advantage they can and ensure confidence exudes. One’s smile is that initial greeting and the confidence Cherrybank Dental can help with is invaluable. Smile with confidence.

October 2012, Perth, General Dentistry

Gillian and the whole team at Cherrybank create a relaxed and welcoming environment. This really helped to make my long treatments as comfortable as possible.

Lisa - October 2012, Scotland, General Dentistry

Susan on Reception is always delightfully welcoming and, at my first meeting with Elaine Ross, Treatment Co-ordinator, I was made to feel completely at ease. Elaine prepared a detailed proposal of the treatment I needed, with various financial options offered and everything explained. I now realise that Elaine gave me the confidence to go ahead with the treatment.

I cannot praise Dr. Ollerhead enough for what he has done for me. My treatment needs demanded a whole range of his skills and, at times, some very customised variations. He was always ready to answer any questions I had and inspired confidence at every stage. Laura, his assistant, is skilled, charming and nothing is too much trouble for her in the care of the patient. My thanks also go to the other assistants, Emma, Jenny and Caitlin.

I must mention Eilish, Dental Hygienist, who has also been treating me over the last five months. Like all the Cherrybank staff, she excels at what she does and is thoroughly charming with it.

My Cherrybank experience has been 100% positive in every area, with my dental needs, clinical and cosmetic, fully met. I plan to continue as a patient.

I am delighted with the results of my treatment and can now smile with confidence for the first time in years.

Thank you, Dr. Ollerhead, and all the amazing Cherrybank team.

Sheena Waugh - August 2011, Scotland, General Dentistry

When I first arrived at Cherrrybank dental spa I completed a Smile Evaluation form. In that form, I said I did not like the way my upper teeth looked.- This was because the bridge, crowns and teeth were all different colours. I also wrote I wasn’t happy with the colour of my teeth. I could see they were a bit dark and yellowish.

My above concerns have now all been addressed and rectified. My upper teeth, ie. bridge and crowns are now the same colour and brighter and whiter.

Before I had the restorations, I did feel self conscious about smiling and didn’t like my upper teeth in photographs, therefore I probably tended to avoid smiling.

I feel much more confident about smiling now on a day to day basis and would happily smile for a photograph. I believe that being able to smile without concern about my teeth, affects the way I feel ” inside” which means my smile can be spontaneous, natural and warm and without being aware of it, I probably smile oftener.

How has this affected my life?– I did this for me and as I’ve said, I believe being able to smile without thinking about it, makes me feel so much better on the inside, (on all sorts of levels). That said, I also believe, being able to smile confidently, almost certainly will affect, how people will perceive and remember me.

“Smile and the whole world smiles with you.” Exaggerated, but in principle ———— true.

Anne M - January 2011, Scotland, General Dentistry

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I would like to thank all the staff at Cherrybank for all their help and support throughout my dental treatment! Going back to the dentist after 10 years was the hardest thing I have ever done, but from the moment I walked into Cherrybank I knew it was going to be a different experience! The staff were all very friendly and couldn’t do enough to help me feel at ease. I had my first appointment with Jillian who very quickly made me feel relaxed and more confident about tackling my phobia of the dentist. Together we came up with a plan I felt I could manage, at a pace that was right for me. Jillian was always available for a chat whenever I needed her re-assurance, for which I can’t thank her enough.

Although working through my treatment wasn’t easy, Elaine Halley always made sure I felt comfortable and in control. I have never come across a dentist quite so understanding, and whose kindness and confidence made my appointments so much easier to handle.

Towards the end of my treatment, Elaine Halley suggested that I get composite veneers fitted in preparation for my wedding. I was very self conscious of how my front teeth looked, however by the time Elaine had worked her magic, they looked incredible. My big day went perfectly, and everyone commented on just how fantastic my smile was. Being able to smile on my wedding day was a dream come true, a wedding gift I will never forget.

Although it was a very difficult decision to go back to the dentist, it was definitely the right one to make. Having had a true phobia of the dentist from past experiences, I would have no hesitation in recommending Cherrybank to anybody, especially those who have a true fear of dental treatment.

There are some things in life money can’t buy, and having your confidence back is certainly one of them.

Thank you Cherrybank.

Gemma Lamb - December 2010, Perth, General Dentistry

I wanted to write a short note to thank you and your staff for the courtesy and kindness you offer to your patients. The atmosphere in your surgery is both welcoming and calmly professional.

I have never experienced such patient, gentle treatment at the hands of my dentist, nor have I been treated in such a friendly, supportive manner.

Alison S - January 2010, Perth, General Dentistry

When I first visited Cherrybank I was nervous but determined to have my teeth sorted. The staff were friendly and helped me to relax. Now, a few months later I have a smile to be proud of.

Dr Elaine Halley has performed miracles! I am so grateful to her and her staff for the transformation. I have much more confidence now that I can smile without having to cover my mouth!

Hazel M - January 2010, Perth, General Dentistry

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff at Cherrybank for the professional care and attention shown to me during my visits to your dental clinic for the cosmetic porcelain laminate veneer treatment.

I am really delighted with the results and I have had no hesitation in recommending this treatment to my friends and relatives.

Kenneth H - January 2010, Perth, General Dentistry

The care and attention given to me has been second to none. All the staff are extremely professional and always meke you feel comfortable and welcomed.

Elaine Halley and her team are to be recommended and I thank them for their excellent treatment to me and giving me a fantastic smile and my confidence back.

Colin R - January 2009, Perth, General Dentistry

I had decided to really get my mouth and teeth in tip top condition and do whatever could be done to improve the look and appearance of my smile. My teeth were not too good by the way! I opted for the Smile Design service. After I had my bottom teeth whitened the major work was on my top teeth. I had them all redone – veneers, crowns, bridges etc. I was even able to see a mock up of the finished work before Elaine started work on my top teeth. The whole process took two morning appointments – both totally pain free I might add.

I love my new smile, lots of friends, family and colleagues have commented and my confidence has really been boosted. Finding Cherrybank Dental Spa was the best thing I did and the best investment I have made in years.

Duncan S - January 2008, Perth, General Dentistry

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your care and attention to me over the last couple of months.

I am (or have been) terrified of visiting the Dentist up until now. The entire team always made me feel at ease and I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am with my new smile. The number of compliments I’ve had has been amazing!

Caroline M - January 2007, Perth, General Dentistry

I can’t imagine looking in the mirror now without my beautiful teeth gleaming back at me.

I wish I had found Cherrybank years ago.

I really appreciate the fabulous work of the Cherrybank team. One full year of dental work with not a single concern, or even a painkiller needed.

When I arrived at Cherrybank I had a long standing childhood fear of dentists. This has now been dispelled and I look forward to my next visit.

Alison W - January 2005, Perth, General Dentistry

Since you gave me my new smile I can’t believe the difference it has made. I no longer dread meeting new people and have finally stopped covering my mouth with my hand. My new found confidence has obviously made an impression on others as I have been promoted twice since November. No one used to notice me!

Apart from close family no one else has really noticed my new smile which is exactly what I wanted. They do say I look really well and work colleagues say I look too young to have children in their 20’s. My only regret is that I did not have the work on my teeth done years earlier. I just love them. If I can give any advice to someone out there who is considering this – JUST DO IT! It was worth every penny!

Dawn - January 2005, Perth, General Dentistry

Can I just say what a lovely day that was!

You and your practice exceeded my expectations. The whole experience was 100% perfect and even my Dad commented on such a high level of service, and you’re so very down to earth. I’m glad I picked Cherrybank Dental Spa. Can you pass on to everyone how much I appreciated your staff!

Gary - January 2004, Perth, General Dentistry


A brilliant white smile! That’s what I’d always wanted. I used to compare my teeth with friends, colleagues, family, and, of course, the glamorous people in magazines. Wherever I looked, everyone seemed to have better looking teeth and a broader smile than me. I was the one in photographs who never gave a full smile, conscious that people might notice the gap between my teeth, or my protruding canines. It wasn’t a big problem, but I was constantly on the search for a way to make my teeth look better. People told me the only way was to have braces. As a young businesswoman, I didn’t want to look like a schoolgirl and couldn’t bear the long-term commitment to braces.

So, when I heard that Dr. Elaine Halley at Cherrybank could completely transform my smile in hours rather than years, I couldn’t believe it and had to find out more. I had never been keen on going to the dentist and the thought of hours in the dentist’s chair filled me with anxiety. However, when I went to visit Elaine, I discovered that my fears were unfounded. Elaine was able to take digital photos of my teeth and then show me what I would look like with my new smile. It was amazing! I showed them to all my friends and got really excited about the prospect of having a perfect smile.

The actual procedure was painless. The great thing about Elaine, apart from being a perfectionist and complete professional, is that she has a great ability to put you totally at ease – your comfort is absolutely paramount. I listened to my favourite music throughout the procedure and actually found the whole thing quite relaxing. At the end of the first session, I was delighted. I had set of temporary teeth made to look like the end result. In comparison to my own teeth, these not only looked incredible, but felt comfortable as well.

I was completely amazed when I got my veneers put on, a few weeks later. The appearance of my whole smile was incredible. The craftsmanship that went into my veneers was managed right down to the last detail. Everything looked natural and as if I’d always had them. I didn’t really have a recovery period, as once they were finished the first thing I wanted to do was get out and show them off to everyone I know. The reaction from friends and family has been incredibly positive. They just can’t believe the result is so good.

My confidence is soaring. I feel much more mature than before, and in my new job I feel more confident – especially about my appearance. This really helps in meetings, as first impressions really do count in business. Next year I’m getting married and I’m now looking forward to the photos, as I know my smile will be perfect. People comment on what an incredible smile I have – in fact I even made it onto the cover of a marketing brochure at my new job. At last I’ve got what I wanted: a brilliant white smile!

Krissie Pattison - January 2002, Perth, General Dentistry

People used to laugh when I said one of the things I would most like to change about myself was my smile. Their response would be “There’s nothing wrong with your teeth, they look fine!” Yes, fine to them perhaps, but I felt embarrassed. I used to try and smile with my mouth closed, as there was no point in smiling with my mouth open, as you did not really see my teeth. There was nothing physically wrong with them, apart from them being very worn, which made them very short and all the same length, making me look 10 years older than I really was. They had also lost some enamel from the front, which made them look darker in appearance than they should have been. Because I work within the dentistry sector myself, I am probably more paranoid about how I look than anybody! I bleached my teeth to try and lighten them, but due to the lack of enamel, it did not make too much difference. Then my dentist, Dr. Elaine Halley of Cherrybank Dental Spa actually asked me if I was happy with my smile. Previously dentists had merely asked if I was “having any problems?

This was the opening I needed to find out if there was anything that could be done for me. After completing my full clinical assessment, Dr Halley sat down and explained what could be done. I kept hearing lighten, lengthen, build out, instant, pain free facelift. I was sort of excited. I didn’t ask how much or would it hurt. I just wanted to know when! WHEN! WHEN!

“he final day had come for me to have the preparation stage of my makeover. Because Dr Halley knew I did not enjoy having dental treatment, I was offered something to make me more comfortable. I could have taken something homeopathic or something prescriptive. The preparation work was totally painless. I felt very relaxed. A reassuring hand from Dr Halley on my shoulder every now and then did the trick. My temporary crowns looked fantastic. I could hardly believe they were not the real things. I received comments from friends about how wonderful I looked. When I added that these were the temporaries and that the permanents would look even better, they could not believe it. This was a great confidence booster for me. Something I had been lacking for a long time.

The big day had arrived for me to have my laminate veneers fitted, and I was excited but nervous all rolled into one. Having seen the possibilities for myself with other dental patients, I was confident yet anxious at the same time. Had I made the right decision? When I saw Dr Halley and her team’s face when the veneers were being cemented, I knew they looked good! In fact, they weren’t simply good: they were absolutely gorgeous.

I looked and felt like a new woman. No money could have made me feel the way I felt that moment when I saw myself for the first time. I had teeth! Beautiful white, straight teeth. I felt like a million dollars. So many people have commented on how lovely my smile is and how they wished they had teeth like me. I have had people ask if I have changed my hair colour or style. Nobody knows that my veneers are not what I was born with. This is the brilliance of it. I can smile as wide as I like, and I can see people looking – not at what I am wearing, but at my teeth! And it’s all thanks to Dr Halley!

Gail D - January 1998, Perth, General Dentistry

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