View a range of video reviews from some of our patients below.

  • Amber came to us wanting the gaps closed between her teeth. After a bonding and whitening process she left smiling cheek to cheek.

  • Robbie was in a cricket accident that left him with crooked black teeth.

    We created a detailed whitening & straightening plan which he showed off on his wedding day.

  • Laura wanted a straighter smile but was self-conscious about getting a brace in her adulthood. That’s why we offered her Invisalign for a discreet way to straighten her teeth.

  • Heather wanted to be treated as an individual rather than a number. She was impressed with our one-on-one consultancy which tailored the treatment to her needs.

  • Guy approached us as he wanted a trustful relationship. He appreciates our Treatment Coordinators working with him to get what he needs, when he decides.

  • Evelyn wanted to be more confident with her smile. Tooth whitening, straightening and fixing a chipped tooth has given her more confidence with her job.

  • Douglas has diabetes and feels in good hands with his hygienists. He was given a simple procedure that revealed he was predisposed to a condition letting us tackle the problem early.

  • Andy was financially worried about changing from NHS to private treatment.

    He found out that the extra investment gave him a return of good oral hygiene and peace of mind.

Last updated August 16th, 2016