Benefits of a Dental Spa?

Cherrybank Dental Spa offers our patients many benefits including:

Paraffin Hand Wax

Paraffin wax can add moisture to your skin, improve circulation, and relax stiff muscles. While you wait for your treatment at Cherrybank Dental Spa, dip your hands in our warm paraffin hand wax, which is infused with essential oils. As the paraffin coating dries on your hands, the heat is transferred into your skin, opening pores and moisturizing hands. Once the wax coating has been peeled away, it will reveal skin that feels both renewed and refreshed. To find out more about paraffin hand wax or other dental spa treatments at our Perth practice near Dundee, Scotland, contact Cherrybank Dental Spa today.

Foot Massages While You Wait

Our patient lounge is extremely comfortable. While you wait, we offer personal foot massages, which are among the most luxurious of our dental spa treatments. At our Scotland practice, in Perth, and convenient to Glasgow, we hope to meet all your dental needs while you relax in utmost comfort. Sit back in our big, cosy chairs, enjoy a foot massage that will improve circulation, and sip on a cup of tea while you wait for your cosmetic dentistry or general dentistry.

Warm Lavender Neck Pillows/Hand Mittens

The scent of lavender has been linked to relaxation and healing. At Cherrybank Dental Spa, we offer warm neck pillows for you to rest your head against and warm hand mittens, both of which are scented with lavender to ensure your comfort and set your mind at ease. The scent will soothe your senses, relaxing you before and during your appointment.

Other Dental Spa Treatments

We pay very close attention to the comfort and needs of all our patients. Your dentist will be happy to pause and give you a short break during your treatment if requested. Because we believe that little things can make a big difference, we also offer lip balm and dark glasses that you can use during your appointment. If you need an injection, we use a special anaesthetic cream beforehand to ensure that you feel absolutely no discomfort. All of our patients also have a choice of iPods, or streaming their own music with BOSE noise reduction headphones or our amazing DVD goggles so that they can enjoy their favourite tv show, movies or music during treatment. We even offer anti-anxiety medication that you may take before your appointment if you are feeling any apprehension.

Last updated August 15th, 2019