Treatment Co-ordinators


What is a Treatment Co-ordinator?

At your first appointment at Cherrybank I tell you, “I am a treatment co-ordinator and what that means is I am your point of contact from here on out, any questions, queries, concerns or worries then you know to contact me straight away via phone or email.”

I also make and change your appointments.

My main job is to be there for the patient when they need me, I see them through from the start to finish of their treatment (and usually shed a tear at the end!)

Why did you become a Treatment Co-ordinator?

I was senior Dental nurse at Cherrybank before going on maternity leave and when I came back the opportunity was there to move into the treatment co-ordinator role. When asked if I would like to do it, I jumped at the chance!!

What areas of the job do you particularly enjoy/ are you particularly interested in?

I love seeing patients through a smile design/makeover. My main interest is dental implants and what they can do for patients. I have seen patient’s lives completely change with the treatment we have provided them.

Do you have any philosophies about customer service or treatment?

I always treat the patients how I would wish to be treated myself.

How has your experience made you a better Treatment Co-ordinator?

I have a lot of help with the treatment co-ordinator role, from Jillian our treatment co-ordinator manager and Dr Halley. They pioneered the treatment co-ordinator role in the UK and I am constantly picking their brains for answers or help.

I also apply some of the knowledge and experience I have gained over the years in doing the role, just through patient experience.

How do your patients benefit by coming to see you?

People often have questions (big or small), and I’m there when a dentist might not be, to answer them . I generally know the answers but if I don’t, I find out for them!

My main aim after speaking to a patient is making sure they understand what the dentist is talking about, what the treatment entails and what they can expect from it. You will hear me say, “any questions? Am I making sense? Do you understand what we are talking about?” many times a day. I think this helps patients a lot, they feel part of the whole process, which (of course) they are!

What makes you good at what you do?

I feel I am good at what I do because I go on the journey with the patient, from start to finish. I am there with them throughout and we have had patients who, even under sedation, have been asking for me.

Patients can become friends, I think this helps. They know I am there for them, they can speak to me honestly about their treatment (and anything else) and I make sure they are comfortable throughout their whole experience at Cherrybank Dental Spa.

How would your patients describe you?

I have had patients describe me as lovely, thorough, nice, calm, informative. I would hope the one thing they all think about me is that I am helpful.

What do you most enjoy about working at Cherrybank?

I absolutely will never work anywhere else, I don’t think I can put down in words how much I love working at Cherrybank with our team. I enjoy experiencing new and exciting, life-changing dental treatment, I enjoy working closely with Dr Halley, Dr McCrudden and all our dentists.

I enjoy building a bond with our patients and I enjoy seeing their lives transform.

The patients make Cherrybank what it is, so it is because of them I love and enjoy it so much.


Sam Ferrier

After starting my career in dentistry as a dental nurse in 2008 I always knew it would be my aim to work hard and aim high. I knew to get there I would have to aim for a modern practice that moved with the times, and I feel I have found that here at Cherrybank Dental Spa – Cherrybank is one of the practices that leads the way in dentistry in Scotland.

I am there for our patients at every step of their treatment and I love this.

My job involves many different tasks including;

  • seeing new patients and finding out their needs and wants
  • discussing any worries they might have
  • arranging appointments and finance
  • speaking with surgeons and dentist to treatment plan
  • being available to talk with patients over any question they may have
  • going over their treatment options
  • and many more things!

I am still a registered, qualified dental nurse and I can easily slip back into this role also if required. I have also expanded my nursing skills here at Cherrybank as well.

I feel very lucky to work with such a great team here at Cherrybank who all have the patients’ best interests at heart and are lovely people. I am constantly learning new things and updating my training, which all lead to great service for you.



Last updated October 25th, 2018