Kirsty Gilhooly, Dental Hygiene Therapist

GDC no -191644


I became a Dental Therapist to help patients who, like me have been anxious.

After 7 years of Dental Nursing I felt as though I had the confidence and knowledge to help others achieve optimum dental health through education, treatment and supporting the individual on their dental journey to “Healthy Street”.

As a Hygiene Therapist I enjoy educating my patients with preventative advice to combat tooth decay and gum disease. There’s a fantastic feeling of achievement and joy when disease has been ceased and optimum health achieved for the individual be it by treating or prevention alone.

I have embarked on a post-graduate course which has helped further my knowledge and treatment of Periodontal disease, Restorative dentistry, Paediatric dentistry, Radiology and smoking cessation advice.

I continue to further my professional knowledge by attending seminars, lectures and by reading studies / books. Increasing our knowledge and skills is pertinent as a Dental Therapist, learning is continual and on-going.

Having been a Dental Nurse, and an anxious child Patient myself, and I feel as though my calming, understanding nature as a Dental Therapist puts my Patients at ease.

I am able to break down the scientific based preventative dental messages and apply them to every day take-home messages to educate and encourage the best practice for the individual concerned about their oral health.

I treat Patients holistically. Looking at your lifestyle, wants, desires and needs, helps to tailor-make the best possible plan of care for you and your health, generally and dentally.

I’m enthusiastic, empathetic, encouraging, motivational, confident and caring.

My thirst for knowledge, caring nature along with my desire to master the skills required within dentistry, make me strive to be the best I can be.

Our mouths are the main portal of entry to our very being. By teaching the practices of fantastic oral hygiene, giving dietary advice and educating our patients, regarding our oral and general health, we are able to make a difference and safe-guard our patients and the future generations of Cherryrbank’s patients’ teeth.

‘You’re only as wealthy as you’re healthy‘

Cherrybank provides patients and staff with a relaxing, comfortable spa environment, with the latest in modern dentistry being put to practice in a calm City Centre location.

Dr Halley and our team here at Cherrybank strive for excellence in every aspect of your visit, be it the non-clinical comforts of a paraffin hand wax, or the latest in modern dental materials and the techniques used to place them. Every aspect of Cherrybank is aimed toward patient care and comfort, this is one of the reasons I find pleasure, comfort and peace of mind working as a part of Cherrybank Dental Spa.

Last updated February 2nd, 2017