Dental Implants Team

Dental Implants in Perth, Scotland

At Cherrybank Dental Spa we believe in a team approach to our implant care. We work with the very best to ensure that your Cherrybank Implant experience is second to none. From the treatment planning, through to the solution – and ensuring that you are comfortable every step of the way.

Our team’s skills are so advanced, they can often find an implant solution even if you have previously been told that nothing can be done. We offer all solutions to missing teeth, as well as Nobel Biocare All On Four.

Our patients do not need to struggle with temporary dentures while the implant site heals, we offer Fixed Teeth In A Day.

Meet Your Expert Team:

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At Cherrybank we have always worked with experienced surgeons and whilst we can occasionally have our patients visit another facility, we have built a team of experts that will come to our practices, meaning that you don’t need to travel away from this familiar environment.

Dr Guy McLellan is one of the most experienced implant surgeons in the UK, and he travels to us. In days gone by people from Scotland would need to travel to Harley Street for their implants – due to Dr Halley and Cherrybank’s national reputation, now surgeons from Harley Street travel to place implants in our practice in Perth, Scotland.

We also bring in Sedation Doctors who are dedicated to keeping you comfortable if you require sedation. Single implants are usually fine without but patients having Fixed Teeth In A Day or Allon4 usually prefer to be sedated.

Our sedation experts led by Dr Craig Crook never leave your side and measure blood pressure, oxygen levels etc. They can also give you pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs with the sedation to ease the after-effects of having had teeth removed or implants placed. We have seen a real benefit in introducing this professional level of sedation into our practice – the after-effects and patient recovery have been much faster than with traditional dental sedation.

Last updated August 15th, 2019