Why choose Cherrybank Dental Spa?

Cherrybank Dental Spa is different from a run-of-the-mill dental practice. Our dentists like to involve you in the decision making about what’s right for you. That’s why our process involves understanding your point of view, gathering clinical information and health screening, followed by a consultation with one of our treatment co-ordinators.

This means that our dentists have time to fully analyse your current situation and then make recommendations based on your health status and needs – and the best thing about this process is that you can see all the solutions, ask questions, and be fully informed about all the financial options before you commit to our care.

Our priorities are always your comfort, your health and your smile. We specialise in you…

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Some things that also make us different

  • We have provided more Invisalign treatment than any other dentist in Scotland. We are classed as Diamond providers, and Elaine Halley is a clinical speaker for Invisalign.
  • We were the first dental practice in Scotland to have an Itero scanner, which takes digital impressions with more accuracy and is much more comfortable for patients.
  • We are the only practice in Scotland to use a Velscope which can detect oral cancer before it’s visible to the naked eye. Early detection is so important.
  • We are Scotland’s first practice to have been awarded the Digital Smile Design Master level.
  • Elaine Halley is still the only dentist in Scotland to have achieved Accredited status by the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentists.
  • In 2018 Elaine Halley won a national award for her Outstanding Contribution to Dentistry in Scotland.

Dental Technology

We use state-of-the-art dental technology to improve the smiles of our patients, from the latest advances in cosmetic and restorative treatments to the VELscope oral cancer screening system, which allows us to detect oral cancer in its earliest stages. In addition to VELscope, we provide in-depth oral cancer education and help those who wish to stop smoking find the support they need.

With the aid of laser diagnosis, we are able to spot and treat the early signs of tooth decay in adults and young children, helping them to avoiding potentially expensive treatments in the future. Tooth decay is easily treated with innovative technology such as HealOzone™ and air abrasion, both of which take the pain and fear out of getting a filling.

Facial Rejuvenation

Turn back the clock with BOTOX® Cosmetic and JUVÉDERM® injections while we care for your smile. Contact Cherrybank Dental Spa at our practice in Perth to learn more.


Those interested in cosmetic or restorative treatments may be eligible for interest-free financing. Our friendly and helpful staff in Cherrybank Dental Spa, Perth will be glad to discuss your financial options with you. This offer is subject to qualification. Contact us to learn more.

To request more information about Cherrybank Dental Spa please use our online enquiry form or call the telephone number above.

Last updated November 4th, 2020