Teeth Grinding & Bruxism Treatments

Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, is very common and can be a habit or a very deep seated unconscious reflex which happens mostly at night and is very difficult to stop but the private dentistry team at Cherrybank in Perth are here to help.

In our Perth clinic, we routinely screen for teeth grinding wear as if it is caught and treated early, it can prevent devastating teeth loss. The inside of the teeth (dentine) is much softer than the hard outer enamel, and so wear can suddenly become much more destructive if it breaks through into the inner layer.

TMJ and Bruxism treatment at Cherrybank Dental Spa

Think of a smartie – a tough outer layer, very soft inside. In addition, when key teeth wear, this can lead to other teeth becoming involved in bite forces that they are not designed to withstand. Worn teeth are generally painless although an increase in sensitivity or localised gum recession can occur.

Headaches can be associated with teeth grinding, as can pain the TMJ (jaw) joint. An unbalanced bite can be caused by multiple fillings or crowns, or simply by the way your teeth have grown in as a child. If the forces on the teeth are uneven, the body compensates for this by subtly shifting the balance on the jaw joints and muscles.

This can put a strain on the TMJ joints (jaw joints) which are connected to muscles which run over the temples and around the back of the neck and head.

Sometimes, changing the balance of the bite can have life-changing results. At Cherrybank Dental Spa, we use a computerised bite analysis called the T-Scan which helps us to identify if your bite is unbalanced.

As an aside, botox can also be very effective and safe in eradicating migraines.

One of our team, Sam, has personal experience of living with and treating TMJ pain and she would be happy to speak to anyone with questions.

To speak to one of our dentists about your teeth grinding issues, contact the team at Cherrybank today

Last updated August 15th, 2019