Emergency Dental Treatment

If you’ve had an accident or are suffering from a dental emergency, get in touch with us now! The quicker we can repair what’s loose, broken, or causing you pain, the better.

Emergency Dentist Scotland at Cherrybank Dental Spa

Our staff are all highly trained in dealing with emergencies, and our expert dentists are on hand to help with guaranteed same or next day appointments. (UPDATE. Due to the impact of COVID 19 we can no longer offer this guarantee, but we will see you as quick as we possibly can, or direct you to the NHS)

Call you Cherrybank Dental Spa today, and we’ll help resolve your problem quickly and effectively.

Our emergency dentist procedure

The first step if you’re in pain or concerned about your appearance is to call us.

We’ll give you advice to help minimise pain and prevent any further harm being done, as we make you an appointment for the same or next day, and provide you with details to our practice and parking information.

In the event that our practice is closed, we have a dedicated mobile number that is answered before 8pm with a team member available for advice. This number is on our telephone answer message (out of hours).

If for any reason, you cannot make contact with us, you can contact NHS 24 here or by calling 111.

Types of dental emergencies

Accidents & emergencies that require a visit to the dentist can vary in their type and intensity. You could be suffering from severe toothache, a lost veneer, a knocked-out tooth, or just a general dentist problem that’s causing you concern about your appearance.

Our emergency dentists are here to help with any kind of issue, whether it’s causing you pain or just an aesthetic problem.

If you’ve had a tooth accidentally knocked out, there a few important steps you should take:

  • Carefully handle the tooth without touching the root, and remove any debris using cold running water.
  • Make sure you get the tooth facing the right direction, and place back into its socket as soon as possible, using gentle pressure.
  • If your tooth has been knocked backwards or forwards, try and push it back softly into its normal alignment.
  • Use a moist tissue to hold the tooth in its place until you can get to our practice.

Treatment costs and insurance

Each dental emergency is different, with varying amounts of work involved; some may require x-rays, medicated fillings or antibiotics. It’s hard for us to give you an official price without seeing the extent of the injuries.

Rest assured that we’ll always provide the highest level of care and expertise, and offer you advice on costs wherever possible. If you have dental insurance, we’ll provide you with everything you need to make a claim.

Call us now

Get advice from our team and book an emergency dental appointment now.

  • Emergency Dentist in Perth – 01738 624667


See how we’ve helped patients below with our emergency dental treatments:

“I was kept awake one night with toothache, and I was going on holiday in a few days. Cherrybank fitted me in that day. I had an injection that was painless, and a temporary dressing. As soon as the anaesthetic wore off, I was pain free, and was fine all holiday. When I got back I returned to Cherrybank to finish off the treatment, and now the tooth is back to normal. Thankyou for saving my tooth and my holiday, and I’ve now made Cherrybank my new dentist.”


“One of my porcelain veneers came off while on holiday in Scotland. It was very embarrassing and looked terrible.  I searched on the web for the best dentist that was up to date and experienced with cosmetic procedures. Cherrybank quickly worked me into their schedule, and rebonded the veneer. I am very pleased and highly recommend them.”

Paul Jackson, Tampa, Florida, USA

Last updated November 5th, 2020