Can My Teeth Cause Headaches?

The source of headaches can be wide and varied, but one source can be if your bite is not balanced. An unbalanced bite can be caused by multiple fillings or crowns, or simply by the way your teeth have grown in as a child. If the forces on the teeth are uneven, the body compensates for this by subtly shifting the balance on the jaw joints and muscles.

This can put strain on the temporomandibular joints (jaw joints) which are connected to muscles which run over the temples and around the back of the neck and head. Sometimes, changing the balance of the bite can have life-changing results.

At Cherrybank Dental Spa, we use a computerised bite analysis called the T-Scan which helps us to identify if your bite is unbalanced. As an aside, botox can also be very effective and safe in eradicating migraines.


Last updated August 16th, 2016