Dental Crowns FAQs

Dental crowns are typically put in place in order to protect a chipped, cracked, or otherwise damaged tooth. The purpose is to restore function and appearance while preventing further damage.

What is the difference between a crown and a filling?

A filling covers only a portion of the tooth, while a dental crown completely encases the visible area of the tooth. A crown provides added strength and protection for a tooth that is too damaged to be repaired with a filling.

How are dental crowns applied?

The dentist will prepare your tooth, and sometimes surrounding teeth, for the crown. Then, an impression will be made and sent to the laboratory where your custom crown will be created. When the crown is ready, you will return to the dentist to have it permanently bonded in place.

Do dental crowns look natural?

Yes, dental crowns are custom fabricated to create a natural appearance. By matching the shape and colour to your surrounding teeth, your dentist will ensure that the crown blends seamlessly with your smile.

Are dental crowns permanent?

Dental crowns are intended to be permanent, but they are not indestructible. Proper care must be taken in order to protect your dental crown.

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Last updated August 15th, 2019