Plasma Rich In Growth Factors (PRGF)

At Cherrybank Dental Spa in Perth, we endeavour to offer our patients the very latest modern technology. This treatment dramatically improves the healing process by introducing the parts of your own blood which heal to an implant site.

Simply put, we take a small amount of your blood, and using a centrifuge, we can separate the blood into its constituent parts.

This can then be used to produce a “web” which can be applied to the implant site.

The Benefits of PGRF:

1. Increased haemostasis (blood clots quicker which speeds up healing)

2. Less pain (this has been proven in large clinical studies using pain scores)

3. Faster healing of surgical areas and less risk of post-operative infection.

Many people have medical conditions which make them more vulnerable to slower healing and more risk of pain or infection after having a tooth taken out or an implant placed. These people include smokers and people with diabetes. For these patients, the beneficial effects of using PRGF will be far greater.

The treatment (which was developed in Spain) has also been used in sports injuries, indeed the tennis player, Rafa Nadal has had the procedure to speed up a knee operation.


Am I Suitable for PRGF?

Most are, however there are some conditions which mean we can’t use it – these include;

1. If you have had difficulty giving blood before. If you have a history of nurses struggling to get blood and needing to try multiple veins then you may not be a good candidate for PRGF. There are medical instances when taking blood is essential. In our case, we are using it as a benefit – so if the trauma and discomfort of taking blood outweigh the benefit then we are probably better to proceed without and use all other precautions and ‘boosts’ to ensure good healing.

2. We should know if you are taking an anti-clotting medication such as Warfarin. This is not a complete contraindication but is something we would discuss with you.

3. If your blood does not clot properly due to a blood disease.

4. If you currently have an active infection.

In all cases, your dentist and treatment co-ordinator will fully explain Plasma Rich in Growth Factors and will assess if you are a good candidate. Why not book your free no obligation consultation today?

Last updated November 4th, 2020