Clear Aligner Invisible Braces

What are the advantages of the Invisible Braces Clear Aligners?

They are very thin, practically invisible braces and they don’t impede your speech.

Clear braces at Cherrybank Dental Spa

They can easily be removed for eating and for meetings or evenings out.

Traditional fixed braces are difficult to clean, and thus can have a detrimental effect to your oral health.

They are best for aligning mild crowding of front teeth.

They are ideal for adults. It doesn’t suit many people’s lifestyle to wear unsightly braces and bulky retainers for long lenghths of time.

They work particularly well for mild adjustment to the teeth or the final correction that might be needed after orthodontic treatment or Inman Alligner.

After traditional braces, sometimes there can be a relapse – clear aligners are suitable to correct this.

Why not book in for a Consultation to see if they would work for you?

Last updated September 5th, 2018