Trial Smile

Cherrybank Dental Spa can use a mixture of computer aided design and digital photography to design you a new smile. We can then show you before and after previews of the dental treatments you’re considering.

Trial smile – for many people who are unhappy with their smile – there is also an associated anxiety that any changes to their smile may not be what they want either. You may have a perfectly understandable concern that new teeth or changes to your teeth may look false or even ‘horsey’ – which nobody wants! This is the benefit of a trial smile, sometimes known as a snap-on smile. At our practices in Perth and Edinburgh, we can design your new smile with your input, before any commitment is made or any dentistry is carried out.

There are several ways to do this. Digital photography can allow for digital smile imaging, and in this way a photograph of your smile can be used to illustrate how any changes to the size, shape and colour of your front teeth could look. This can then be used to plan a template which can be tried in over your existing teeth to give the same appearance. In some cases, we can use computer aided design (CAD/CAM) to mill out an entire smile in tooth coloured plastic which can be tried in the mouth.

This is very useful if we are considering replacing missing teeth with implants and it is important to plan exactly where the implants should go. We have used this technique recently with a young lady who, in her twenties, had multiple baby teeth which had not fallen out and did not have the big / permanent teeth following on. This was a complex case to plan not only where dental implants needed to go – but she needed to be confident that the final result was a smile she would be proud of. The CAD/CAM technology and the trial smile let us preview the result and ‘begin with the end in mind’, so that with a combination of dental implants and porcelain veneers, she could have a beautiful, natural smile.


Last updated April 23rd, 2020