Zygomatic Implants – Fixed Teeth in a Day for the previously hopeless case…

By Phil / July 4th, 2012

Sometimes the damage done by old dentistry isn’t apparent for many years. As dental students, we were warned of the consequences of having a patient in a partial upper denture with the upper front teeth replaced by denture teeth, biting against natural lower teeth.

In Edinburgh, I had a patient recently inquire about dental implants and discovered that this was her history. Natural teeth are much stronger than a denture, and the extra loads on her upper jaw bone over many years had gradually reduced the bone level until there was only a very thin wall remaining.

Now, her last upper back teeth were starting to give up – and she was facing a full upper denture, with plastic covering the palate, and worse of all, next to no bone for it to hold on to – really, for a glamorous lady in her early sixties, not much of a dental future. And if you are worried about your teeth staying in place, this of course affects your confidence and your social life – particularly eating in company.

Until a few years ago, the only option for this lady would have involved bone grafts – possibly having some bone from her hip placed in her mouth – a successful procedure but one nobody would enter lightly!


Fortunately, in our Edinburgh dental practice, we now have the services of a surgeon from London, Guy McLellan, who is extremely experienced in placing implants, and particularly a special type of implant known as a zygomatic implant. These are very long implants that can be used in people who have little bone remaining, to provide fixed teeth in a day sometimes called all on four. A scan of the jaws is required to check the three dimensional architecture of the remaining bone, and these implants can be placed high into the zygomatic (cheekbone) area. This may sound drastic, but compared to having bone removed from your hip, or a future of false teeth that wobble on eating, the choice may be worthwhile. And for our Edinburgh implant patient, tears of joy that fixed teeth in a day were still an option for her!

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