Women don’t like men with bad teeth

By Phil / November 22nd, 2011

Leaders in the online dating sector Cupid Plc have just completed a comprehensive survey of its members that reveals with more certainty than ever before: what things do most people care about on your dating profile? The exciting insights into the thoughts of its members will help ensure all budding daters stand a greater chance of meeting that special person in the future.

The study questioned roughly 30,000 women and men from around the world who are active on Cupid’s online community as to the specific details of what they look at and what they don’t look at when they first see a dating profile.

One of the major things that women don’t like is men with bad teeth. 40% of women surveyed agreed that this is the most unattractive thing a man’s profile picture can show. So get to the cosmetic dentist as soon as possible men!

Last updated May 2nd, 2018