What Happens In A Dental Spa

By Phil / May 23rd, 2013

What is a dental spa? – this is a question I have been asked many times, and I can tell you, there have been a few funny conversations trying to guess what happens at a dental spa – not to mention the suggestions we get!

  • Some of the comments and questions I have been asked are:
  • Do you have a jacuzzi – Can I bring my swimsuit?
  • How much extra does it cost?
  • Is that just a gimmick?

Unfortunately, we do not have a jacuzzi and thankfully nobody has turned up in a swim suit …yet!!

But seriously what does a dental spa mean?

It is a proven concept that using relaxing treatments and creating a calm ambiance usually associated with a day spas can eliminate the stress and anxiety that is so often linked to dental treatment.  It can be as simple as acting as a distraction but there is science behind it too. For example, we all know (and dislike) the “dental smell”.  Smell is the closest linked sense to memory, and if you have had a bad experience as a child, it can trigger those feelings again. So to combat that, we bake bread twice daily so that when you walk in, the smell is one of bread and coffee. In the treatment room, we use scented candles and lavender wraps.  While great for the more nervous patient, it also enhances the experience for all patients – it has become a great excuse for some to come in early and enjoy being pampered for a little part of their day.

So what do we offer? You can have a back massage while having Treatment, Paraffin hand wax, Music with noise reduction headphones, DVD glasses, Lavender neck wrap, Cosy blanket, Lip balm, Eye Massage goggles.

We are always adding new things so any ideas would be welcome!

Jillian Melloy, Practice Manager Perth


Last updated May 2nd, 2018