What Are the Benefits of Preventative Dentistry?

By Cherrybank Admin / June 21st, 2018

Rather than just treating an existing dental problem, preventative dentistry aims to identify and address issues before they develop into something more serious. If you’re someone who only visits the dentist when you experience oral pain or discomfort, read on to find out the benefits of preventative dentistry.

What Is Preventative Dentistry?

Preventative dentistry is simply a plan designed to help you maintain optimal oral health. It begins with an assessment of the current state of your dental health.

Then, a plan is devised that might include treating some existing issues as well as developing a schedule for future Dental Health Reviews with the dentist. For many patients, six-monthly Dental Health Reviews are recommended, but these intervals might be longer or shorter, depending on how good your dental health is and on any lifestyle factors, such as smoking, that can have a detrimental impact on your dental health.

Your preventative dentistry plan might also include appointments with the dental hygienist for a professional cleaning to remove tartar build-up and a polish to keep your teeth looking their best.

In addition, the dental hygienist can offer advice on how you can contribute to own good oral health, such as by brushing and flossing correctly.

What Types of Issues Can Preventative Dentistry Identify?

As well as devising a treatment plan for any existing issues, preventative dentistry can identify issues of which you might be unaware. Many problems develop over time, only causing discomfort after they have become quite serious.

By having regular Dental Health Review, the dentist can investigate the overall condition of your teeth and gums, picking up early signs of things such as tooth decay, periodontal disease and gum infection or disease. Most of the time, these issues can easily be treated, but as with other medical problems, the earlier they are picked up, the better.

As well as checking for overall dental health, your Dental Health Review might include more general health screening. This can include checking your blood pressure and looking for signs of oral cancer.

Preventative dentistry may sound drastic and, if you are not experiencing any problems, unnecessary. However, to achieve and maintain good oral health, the best advice is to attend regular Dental Health Reviews. Staying on top of any issues with your teeth and gums means you can hopefully avoid having to undergo extensive dental work, causing you less anxiety and saving you the cost of treatment.

So, book your appointment today and give yourself the best chance of maintaining a healthy mouth for life.

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Last updated June 21st, 2018