Veneers – A Patients Experience

By Phil / July 11th, 2012

I was reviewing a lady today who had had some veneers placed in our Edinburgh practice. She still had a baby tooth present which is quite unusual but using the principals of smile design, I was able to work with our master ceramist to design porcelain veneers which transformed this tooth and her smile. The baby tooth now looks like the adult tooth which is supposed to be in it’s place and her smile is even and a healthy, natural colour.

She was in for her review yesterday. It is important to review veneers to check that the bite is even and that there are no little bits of clear cement present between the teeth which can make cleaning difficult. She said ‘ Thank you so much for my veneers – I always feel so safe with you!’. This was a lovely compliment, as at Cherrybank Dental Spa in Edinburgh, we have designed all our systems around patient comfort and reducing anxiety. Building trust is a big part of that, and in this case I was very pleased with the feedback that she felt safe in my hands!

The next part of our plan is to replace her last silver fillings on back teeth with white fillings. The silver fillings have lasted well but are now over ten years old and starting to show signs of breakdown. It was important to this lady that we fixed potential problems BEFORE any teeth could break, possibly inconveniently, and so we will carefully replace each one with a strong, bonded white filling. She will then have natural coloured back teeth to match her lovely veneers!

Last updated May 2nd, 2018