Top 5 Questions To Ask A Botox Practitioner

By Phil / January 23rd, 2013


Here’s my top 5 questions you should ask your botox practitioner:

1) What are your qualifications?

One and two day courses are not enough. Are they medically trained? Aesthetic practitioners should be.
2) How long have you been practicing Aesthetics?

How many botox patients have you had? You may not want to be a guinea pig.

3) What products do you use?

Do your homework and familiarise yourself with what’s recommended and what’s not. Better still ask your practitioner. They should be armed with up to date reasons why they use the products they do. Cheaper is most certainly not better in facial Aesthetics.

4) What do you get for your money?

Aesthetic treatments can take a few weeks to fully work. A complimentary review appointment should be made for you at this time to address treatment tweaks. There should not be an extra charge.
5) How can you get the most out of your treatment?

Are there better home products to use? When should you re-book? You don’t want to spend good money to ward off the ageing process and undo things without planning. Aesthetics can be a one off treatment but most are in it for the long haul. The ageing process and skin damage is relentless and so should be your approach to combating it.
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Last updated May 2nd, 2018