“This implant treatment has done more for my mental health in one day than 6 months of anti-depressants.”

By Phil / April 23rd, 2014

A dental patient said this to me :

This implant treatment has done more for my mental health in one day than 6 months of anti-depressants.

Amazing. It is amazing that even although we help people every day, I still underestimate the benefits of restoring teeth.

This lady had been struggling with her lower teeth. She had a lower partial denture and some of her own teeth but she hated the denture. It wouldn’t stay in firmly and as she is a nurse and constantly speaking with patients, she was mortified whenever she could feel it move and lived in fear of social situations.


After analysing the condition of her remaining teeth, we discussed her options and she decided that fixed teeth in a day or Allon4 treatment was the best for her. This meant that she would never be without her teeth. She came in the morning, was sedated, we removed the remaining failing lower teeth, placed four implants and then fixed a horseshoe bridge of teeth to those implants. When she came round, she had a full, fixed set of lower teeth. No movement. Nothing to come in and out.

I reviewed her a few days later when she shared how deeply her self-esteem and mental health had been affected by the situation. We know there are many other people in Perth and Edinburgh who feel the same – feel their dental situation is hopeless and that this is affecting their mental health. Of course, anti-depressants have their place – but we can help with your teeth. Nobody is a lost cause. There is always a solution.

I have been thinking a lot about her comment and how we, as dentists in Scotland, and as a profession, need to ‘get the word out’ about the advances in dental implant technology so that people can forget about their teeth and lead productive lives.

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Last updated May 2nd, 2018