The Success and Future of Invisalign

By Steve / August 27th, 2015

This was the second year of the Invisalign Aesthetic European Advisory Board meeting, this time held in Florence. Dr Elaine Halley was again invited to attend.

She met with colleagues from all across Europe – Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Poland to give feedback to Align Technologies about future developments. The board consists of 16 members including two orthodontists and many dentists who are renowned in Aesthetic Dentistry. There were also 10 attendees from Align Technology.

Pioneering Invisalign technology

Align Technology is a global company who have pioneered the movement of teeth through the use of clear aligners. They have patented technology which is innovatively distinguished from other clear aligner companies and means that straightening teeth with Invisalign rivals the results from fixed appliances.

We have been providing Invisalign at Cherrybank Dental Spa for over 15 years and are Scotland’s largest provider of this service. We are also proud members of the newly formed Invisalign Scotland Network which means we can now provide this treatment option in Glasgow as well as Perth and Edinburgh..

Simon Beard the VP for the European division of Align announced that they have now passed the 3 millionth patient who has used Invisalign across the world. This is an incredible statistic!

Straightening teeth effectively

Many general dental practitioners are now offering some form of orthodontics or tooth straightening as part of their practices. Sometimes great improvements can be made with the so-called progressive smile design – meaning minimally invasive align, bleach, bond or in other words, straighten the front teeth, whiten and then add some tooth-coloured bonding to any chips or uneven teeth to rejuvenate a smile with very little dentistry.

Invisalign can also be used pre-restoratively which means that sometimes it helps if we move teeth into a better position before we restore with veneers, crowns or implants.

Dr Halley was very honoured to be invited back to this group and to help shape the future of invisible braces.

To find out more about how Invisalign might work for you, visit our treatment page on the procedure, or get in touch with us for a consultation today!

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