The European Society For Cosmetic Dentistry’s 10th Annual Conference

By Phil / October 8th, 2013

I was recently very honoured to be asked to present at the European Society for Cosmetic Dentistry’s 10th annual conference which this year was held in Turin, Italy.


The members of ESCD span across Europe and include many of the leaders of comsetic and aesthetic dentistry. The current president is Luca D’Alloca and hence the conference is in his home country this year.

We were made to feel very welcome, staying at an excellent, modern hotel in the centre of Turin at the edge of the old town – NH Santo Stefano. The conference itself was held in a real;y amazing location – the cinema Lux. This is an old art deco cinema which has been renovated and included two rooms with high definition projectors and wide cinema screens. As dentists – we do get very excited by photography and the detail that can be observed when we see teeth or porcelain veneers blown up on the large screen! We usually work under magnification – so being able to share our work in High Definition was very exciting!


The conference was simultaneously translated as speakers were talking in both Italian and English. I was joined by three other past-presidents of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. My subject was Treatment Planning from a Facial Perspective which basically means how to look at the face and customise and individual’s smile to suit their features. For instance, if someone needs porcelain veneers or whitening and Invisalign, we take digital photographs and video and analyse them – providing digital smile design (DSD) to help people to visualise the end result.

The theme of the conference was very much about minimal invasive dentistry – and about proper treatment planning. The Italians are obviously renowned for their artistic flair and this is as obvious in dentistry as anything else. There were also a lot of dentists from Croatia and Romania which made for a very interesting cultural event.

One lovely lady from Croatia told me she thought I was amazing for running a practice in Perth and Edinburgh ‘How on earth do you do it? Incredible’ and then we realised she thought I mean Perth, Australia!! That would be incredible!

By Dr.

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