Testimonial Texts At 2am

By Phil / May 9th, 2012

It’s 2am and my youngest boy is awake and crying. I checked my phone for the time and noticed a missed text from last night. A client I saw yesterday for a treatment of Botox in Edinburgh “Just wanted to say a big thank you for today. Really pleased with everything.” It certainly was a well needed boost.”

This particular client had experienced the loss of her mother a couple of months prior and we had spoken about that earlier in the day. As I lay with my little boy, I am reminded not to wish away the sleepless nights and to savour every possible moment. And it gives me a comforting feeling to know something I did today helped someone feel better.

That’s the core of the caring profession. And that is another blog subject!

But for tonight- it’s rewarding to know I did a job well. And it is essential to be good to yourself and make yourself feel better – especially when life gets tough.

So, as I find myself often saying, aesthetic treatments are not about vanity. They are about you and treating the outside things that can affect you on the inside.  Life is for living and feeling as good as you can as often as possible.

Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner at Cherrybank Dental Spa, Edinburgh

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