Southern California comes to Eastern Scotland

By Phil / January 24th, 2014

I had a wonderful evening last night after an evening clinic in our Edinburgh practice. One of my heroes and mentors in dentistry is a Swiss dentist called Pascal Magne who now works at the University of Southern California. He is a genius and has pioneered the use of adhesive dentistry and minimal invasive dentistry – creating beautiful smiles with porcelain veneers made by his brother, a dental technician and also a genius – Michel Magne.


I have followed these brothers literally all over the world – attending hands-on course in California and Europe. My dissertation for my Masters Degree was based on Pascal’s work on immediate dentine sealing.

Before Christmas I attended a course in London by Pascal – and he was sharing some amazing work on Bio-Emulation (mimicking nature) in dentistry. One of his collaborators in lots of the research was a Greek American named Panos. And it just so happens that Panos is here in Edinburgh doing an orthodontic residency at eh Edinburgh Dental Institute!

I couldn’t believe it – we have one of the world’s best dental researchers learning how to move teeth with braces in Edinburgh! Apparently his wife had the final vito on where they would move to from Greece for him to study and she googled where is the best place to bring up a young family and lo and behold , as we all know – it’s Edinburgh! So – last night, my colleague and I took him out to dinner to welcome him to Scotland and pick his brains. We were not disappointed. He was like an encyclopaedia of who is who in the world of GLOBAL orthodontics and restorative dentistry – I came away with a list of hot topics and what is new , including the use of mini-implants to speed up adult orthodontics.

Panos’s enthusiasm was incredible. He is working here on the NHS at the moment, learning the mechanics of advanced orthodontics. Meanwhile, he has brought the knowledge from Southern California about the latest research in restorative dentistry (white fillings, porcelain veneers etc). It turns out he lives with his family just around the corner from our Edinburgh practice – So I will be sure to continue picking his brain and bringing the best of Californian Research and Development to our patients in Edinburgh and Perth.


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