Smile Virtual Consult

By Cherrybank Admin / January 21st, 2020

A new area we have been developing recently at Cherrybank Dental Spa, is the virtual consultation. It’s very interesting to watch the world of technology transforming the way we communicate with each other in person and to businesses.

With virtual consults, anyone can send us a picture of themselves, their smile and their concerns through the smile virtual consult platform. Dr Elaine Halley then reviews the pictures and gives her thoughts about the possibilities, and an idea of time and cost.

This can often breakdown barriers which might prevent someone from actually making an appointment. One of our patients thanked Dr Halley for the time she had taken to send the video consultation.

‘I’m so busy at work – it really helped me to hear Dr Halley’s initial thoughts which helped me know whether it was worth taking the time off work to come in. I really appreciate the effort and gave me the confidence that I was coming to the right place’

‘I think it also helps nervous patients to see who I am and that I absolutely understand their concerns and apprehensions’ says Dr Halley. ‘It’s lovely to meet people face to face following a virtual consultation as I feel like we already know each other – even just a little bit! And as I’ve spent time already considering the potential options, I’m more informed as I meet them as to the possibilities for helping them smile with confidence!’

We have all sorts of questions that come through the Smile Virtual Consult platform, from tooth straightening, facial aesthetics, closing spaces and dark teeth, and we are happy to answer all questions this way!

Dr Halley has a library of cases that we have treated so she can show similar situations. Patients may have had porcelain veneers, bonding or whitening, or straightening like Invisalign, and dental implants and Dr Halley edits this to show similar cases.

This can help people to better understand all the different ways that Cherrybank can provide the right dental treatment and patient support to ensure that you get the smile of your dreams!

If you would like to find out about Digital Smile Design at Cherrybank and how it could work for you, call us today on 01738 481 519

Alternatively, you can contact our expert dental team via an online consultation, where you can find out:

  1. If we can help you
  2. What your treatment options are
  3. An idea of costs



Last updated January 21st, 2020