Shadowing Dr. Halley at Cherrybank Dental Spa

By Steve / November 22nd, 2016



On Tuesday 25th May I spent a fantastic day shadowing Dr. Halley at Cherrybank Dental Spa in Perth. This day was part of my elective, in which I get the chance to observe different areas of dentistry not covered in the university course. I already have an interest in cosmetic dentistry, being the BACD student representative for Dundee University and I was keen to be able to apply the knowledge I have gained from the conference in November and from reading online to a practical setting.

To start the day I was completely wowed by observing a patient who had had a zygomatic implant as part of an ‘all on 4‘ restoration. This was something that was completely new to me and it was inspiring to see how there are functional treatment options for an extremely atrophic alveolar ridge. I found interesting the role of the treatment coordinator within the practice. This was a role in the dental team that was very different from the university or NHS practise setting I have observed before and I thought it was a fantastic way to ensure the practice ran smoothly and gave patients a less intimidating and more comfortable start to a procedure.

Dr Halley kindly introduced the use of digital treatment planning to me, in particular, Digital Smile Design, by taking me through patient cases. This was extremely interesting in how it differs from other rules that are vaguely mentioned at university like the golden ratio and gave the patient a realistic view of what the final treatment outcome may. Dr Halley highlighted the importance of video to show what the patient’s real expression is like as patients learn to mask the dislike they have in photos. I was very grateful for this learning experience as this has given me some basic knowledge I can build on at the BACD conference in November and develop my learning in this field as it is clear digital dentistry is definitely the future. Another aspect of treatment planning that cemented my teaching at university was the importance of Montgomery consent and explaining all treatment options and risks to the patient.

Other aspects of my university teaching that was developed were the use of all-ceramic crowns and my understanding of materials, particularly monolithic zirconia crowns and E-max Lithium Disilicate crowns. Although this is covered in our curriculum, we rarely use any of these materials in an NHS setting, where porcelain bonded to metal is still the preferred choice of restoration so the shadowing experience allowed me to see the advantages of these milled crowns and the development in technology making them more aesthetic.

I am very grateful to Dr Halley and all the staff at Cherrybank Dental Spa for making this shadowing experience so rewarding and insightful. Everyone was so friendly and helpful with all my questions and it was a great experience to see another side to dentistry. It has further heightened my interest cosmetic dentistry and confirmed this is a path of dentistry I would like to follow in future. Once again, thank you very much to everyone at Cherrybank Dental Spa.

This article was created by Sam Ferrier, Treatment Co-ordinator at Cherrybank Perth


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