Sedation Solutions for Sleep Dentistry

By Phil / September 9th, 2013

We have been working with Sedation Solutions at Cherrybank Dental Spa for over a year now and I am absolutely delighted with their level of care.

Many of our patients who come to us for Smile Design, or to replace missing teeth with dental implants, are very frightened of having dental treatment. This is often the reason that they haven’t been to the dentist for many years and have let their mouths get into a bad state. We can offer mild sedation with nitrous oxide or tablets, but sometimes a deeper level is required, especially for lengthy dental procedures.

Sedation has been available in dentistry for many years. Traditionally, as dentists, we are qualified to give Midazolam which has a powerful sedative effect. Midazolam provides a good level of sedation over the short term.

Sedation Solutions are qualified doctors who take the level of care to the next level in a way that we, as dentists, cannot do. For our longer cases, they can provide not only sedation but pain relief and anti-inflammatories with the sedation to be really sure that the after effects are minimal and to aid the experience after treatment. Everything is monitored constantly and the doctor never leaves your side. This leaves our dentists and surgeons free to concentrate on getting the dentistry done as quickly and carefully as possible.

Sedation Solutions will contact you prior to your appointment to check your medical history, current medications and to answer any questions that you may have.

We have many patients who say ‘Just knock me out – I don’t want to know anything about it.’ This used to mean a general anaesthetic in hospital which was impractical and impossible to arrange for anything other than taking teeth out.

In the States, they have coined the term ‘sleep dentistry’. With Sedation Solutions, we can offer this at Cherrybank Dental Spa – and when you wake up – it’s all done!!

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Last updated May 2nd, 2018