Scotland has highest mouth cancer incidence in all of UK

By Phil / November 22nd, 2011

velscope_blogMouth cancer cases are on the rise with an estimated 60,000 people in the UK expected to be diagnosed in the next decade. Of those, over two thirds will be detected at a late stage, which significantly reduces the chances of survival. Early detection of the mouth cancer transforms the survival chances to more than 90%.

To this end, CherryBank Dental Spa offer early oral cancer screening with VELscope technology. This enables our clinicians to see the very first sign of a problem before it is even visible to the naked eye.

87% of cases in the UK occur in people aged 50 or older, are more common in men, and associated closely with tobacco use and alcohol consumption. Make sure you and your family are aware of the risk factors and early warning signs of mouth cancer – if you have any doubt, contact us for a screening.

Last updated May 2nd, 2018