Reducing Dental Anxiety

By Phil / July 11th, 2012

At Cherrybank Dental Spa in Perth, I was recently fitting some porcelain veneers for a patient who is also a friend of mine. The fitting process takes a little while as each veneer is custom made and fitted one by one. In this case, she was having her smile restored and so we had ten veneers to fit. We offer a comfort zone menu in our practices in Perth and Edinburgh so that patients can choose additional, complimentary comforts to make their experience more pleasant. Many patients choose a cosy blanket, or a soothing paraffin hand-wax, but for many people it is the noises of dentistry that they don’t like.

For this, we offer distractions such as BOSE noise-reducing headphones, but in this case, my friend opted to try DVD goggles, which fit over her own glasses. As it was a long procedure, she watched a movie. She said ‘That was amazing! I was completely distracted by the movie and the time passed in a flash. At one point, when you spoke to me, I felt like saying Shhh – this is a good bit!!’ And considering I was placing veneers on her front teeth all the way through the movie, and then polishing and making adjustments to her smile, this was great to hear! From my point of view as the dentist, I have found that when patients can ‘zone-out’ and get engrossed in a movie or a comedy series eg. Friends, they are much less restless, and therefore easier to work on, and so I can do my job quicker and that must surely be a benefit!

Although we do offer intra-venous (IV) sedation and varying degrees of sedation and anxiety reducing medication for those who need it to cope with dentistry, often it is the little things that make the whole process more acceptable.

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Last updated May 2nd, 2018