Is Prosecco Ruining My Teeth?

By Steve / September 22nd, 2017

In the UK we really do love Prosecco; 40 million litres were consumed in 2016 and it is a market which increased by 34% in the last year alone. But are you aware of the damaging effects fizzy drinks in general can have on your teeth?


Prosecco creates a triad of problems; high sugar content, carbonation, and high levels of acidity when compared to its more expensive counterpart, Champagne. With approximately 1 teaspoon of sugar per flute of Prosecco, it’s no wonder dentists in the UK are concerned. Fizzy drinks in general decrease the pH of your mouth to a very acidic level (in Prosecco’s case, it’s estimated about 3.5) and it is in this decreased state that holes form more readily in your teeth. We also see higher levels of erosion and sensitivity when oral health is compromised and mouths are maintained at this lower pH.


Consider neutralising the pH in your mouth with food (cheese is a great accompaniment!), or water, when enjoying a few glasses of Prosecco, or any fizzy drink for that matter. Straws are also great when drinking sugary drinks.


Try and limit your sugar intake to specific times throughout the day. As ever in life, everything in moderation! 


By Jodie Fulton. Dentist in Perth


If you’re worried about something going on in your mouth, just make contact with us, and come in to see one of our caring team. You won’t get into any treatment before you know all of the options and costs, and have had time to make a decision.

Last updated May 2nd, 2018