“Practice Makes Perfect – Guest Blog”

By Phil / January 7th, 2014

We’ve all heard that practice makes perfect, right? Stemming from the Latin phrase – uses promptos facit – people have heard about the significance of practicing to enhance skills since the 1500s. Obviously there’s more than a kernel of truth in the phrase or it wouldn’t have survived for nearly 500 years. However, there’s new thinking on habit and the perils of putting ourselves, and our day in and day out activities on “autopilot” and reaching the “OK plateau” where complacency sets in.


As dental practice management consultants, we, at Zum Wohl!, have the pleasure of working with dentists and their teams across the U.S. and in the U.K., who choose instead, to challenge themselves beyond autopilot and the status quo. This is especially true for Dr. Elaine Halley and her talented team of professionals at Cherrybank Dental Spa.

Dr. Halley and Shelly Short, one of the co-creators of Zum Wohl!, have nearly a decade of working together. Without question, Dr. Halley places a premium on raising the bar for herself and her teams in both Edinburgh and Perth, by systematically investing in continuing education – all to improve skills, knowledge and ultimately the patient experience that Cherrybank Dental Spa patients have come to expect from one of Scotland’s most distinguished dentists.

During our December workshop with Dr. Halley, Dr. Chris McCrudden, Dr. Harriet Morse, and the team of professionals who make Cherrybank Dental Spa the premier dental practice in Edinburgh and Perth, we trained on enhancing communications skills to ensure patients feel heard and understood; that we, as a dental team, continue our practice of demonstrating empathy and respect for patients; that our treatment plans are clearly presented, and that a patient’s payment options are tailored to their individual needs and discussed in a thoughtful, sensitive manner.

Additionally, the Cherrybank Dental Spa team engaged in strengthening the patient education experience regarding oral health care and the connection to overall health. This often overlooked aspect of dentistry is especially important to the staff at Cherrybank Dental Spa because of their deep understanding of the role good oral health plays in a patient’s total wellbeing for a lifetime. Cherrybank Dental Spa’s focus on the overall health of their patients is another characteristic that sets them apart from the rest.

At Cherrybank Dental Spa, patients can count on receiving the best dentistry in Scotland. This is due, in part, to Dr. Halley’s leadership and passion for continuous improvement through education and experiential learning for herself and her teams in both Edinburgh and Perth.


Shelly Short, Elaine Halley, Steve Philip, Nancy Robertson

As dental practice management consultants, we see a wide variety of practices across the U.S. and U.K. – many of whom recognize they’re on “autopilot” and who contact Zum Wohl! to re-engage their teams and nudge them out of complacency. However, one thing we don’t see at Cherrybank Dental Spa is a team on “autopilot.” Instead, we have the pleasure of working with a group of dental professionals who strive to stay relevant by continuously sharpening their interpersonal skills, along with a desire learn the latest clinical methods for patient treatment all with the aim of delivering a level of care, and quality, affordable dentistry that is unique.

Nancy Love Robertson, MBA, PHR
Shelly Von Short, RDH, MS, PhD

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