Oral Health: More Important Than You May Think

By Cherrybank Admin / May 10th, 2018

Taking care of your teeth is about more than just appearances and avoiding the dentist’s drill. Effective oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups can impact your overall health, wellbeing, confidence and the condition of your teeth and gums in years to come. Taking steps to keep your mouth healthy now is a priceless investment for yourself, and here’s why.

Dental Checks for Early Detection

Prevention is better than cure, and detecting and treating problems early is better than treating them at their advanced stages. Working together with your hygienist and dentist, problems with gums, broken fillings and cavities can be dealt with before they progress and more invasive treatments, such as root canals and tooth removal, are required.

Your dentist can also be mindful of physical problems that manifest in the mouth. Systemic diseases, such as HIV, leukemia, kidney disease and diabetes, often show early symptoms in the mouth with lesions, ulcers, swollen gums and dry mouth. Being mindful of these symptoms, your dentist may be able to help with early diagnosis of such problems.

Halting Bad Breath

Halitosis, or bad breath, is often caused by dental problems and can lead to much anxiety, not to mention negatively impacting communication and confidence. Looking after your oral health at home, regularly visiting your dentist and seeing your hygienist for cleaning can all help to prevent and reverse bad breath.

Preventing Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is on the rise, with Cancer Research UK’s findings suggesting that mortality rates have increased in the UK by 21% and are estimated to see a further 38% increase by 2035. Preventing cancer by taking care of your mouth and getting an early diagnosis should it arise can be vital, and your dentist will be able to spot the signs during check-ups and cleans.

Fighting Gum Disease

When it comes to the causes of tooth loss in adults, gum disease is a prevailing factor. It has also been shown to be a factor in strokes, pancreatic cancer and cardiovascular disease among other health issues.

Plaque build-up can result in increased bacteria and infection, such as with gingivitis, which can lead to the advanced condition called periodontitis. When you have bacteria in the gumline or gum disease, certain invasive procedures or even flossing and brushing can cause bacteria to enter the bloodstream – this is known as bacteremia. A compromised immune system will be more vulnerable to infection throughout the body as a result. Reducing plaque, twice-a-day brushing and regular check-ups are therefore incredibly important, as early gum disease can be treated.

A healthy diet is also useful in nourishing your body and preventing gum disease, with vitamins A and C being beneficial. Brushing twice a day, flossing daily, regular dental examinations and routine hygienist cleanings all go a long way to ensuring oral and bodily health now and in the future.

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