Nervous Patients in Perth – We Have A Solution For You!

By Phil / January 15th, 2013

I recently had a patient who has had a lot of dental implants placed and had been travelling to London to have them cared for until her dentist there retired. She had then asked me if they could be cared for in Perth. We have several options for dental implants at Cherrybank in Perth. For many years we have referred our patients to see Paul Stone at his specialist practice in Blackhills. In addition to this excellent service, we also have visiting oral surgeons who on specific dates can place dental implants for us in Perth.

Dental implants are an amazing technology. They are made from titanium and are used to replace missing tooth roots. They can be used to replace missing teeth by having crowns or bridges made on top.

Although the success rate for dental implants is very high, sometimes the teeth around the implants require additional dentistry, or if another tooth is lost, the bridge or crown may need to be redesigned to accommodate the changes.

In this particular case, I was removing a bridge next to an implant in our Perth practice in order that Paul Stone could extract a failing molar. This was not an event eagerly awaited by our Perthshire lady, so we invited her to try the our Olympus Eye Trek DVD glasses. These are glasses which you wear which have a tiny screen inside and headphones so that you can watch a movie.


After the appointment she said : ‘The DVD glasses were amazing. I really enjoyed watching the movie and the time passed in a flash! Brilliant!’ We looked at the clock. She had been in the chair for over an hour but despite her anxiety it had passed by so quickly!!

I have had these DVD glasses in our Perth dental practice for over 10 years. Sometimes we take these things for granted and forget that this is still not normal in dentistry but using distraction like this can make the whole event much more bearable. She also had paraffin hand wax and a cozy neck wrap – and so removing the bridge was a completely different experience than she had expected.

by Dr Elaine Halley


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