My first Cosmetic Dental Lecture in India – well, virtually

By Phil / July 15th, 2013

This Saturday morning was an interesting experience for me – I was asked by Healthcare Learning if I wanted to take part in a virtual conference that was being held for clinically practising dentists across India.

Technology amazes me. I had a Skype call at 6am with Dr Ajay Bitein, a specialist dentist from Mumbai who I met when I was lecturing in South Africa. He asked me to deliver the same lecture about treatment planning, porcelain veneers and smile design.

Mumbai is 5 hours ahead of the UK.

The next challenge was to get my lecture to them as the broadband speed at the farm in Perthshire is SO slow that it was going to be impossible for me to connect directly.

Second challenge – my presentation was in Keynote (Apple rather than PC).

Third challenge – it is widescreen format.

Now – if you are involved in technology for a living, this may seem like basic stuff – but I am afraid that for us mere dentists this was a massive challenge – especially when we discovered all this just 3 hrs before my lecture slot!

I managed to send my lecture via skype which took two hours – then I do believe I heard some Mumbai colourful language when he realised it was widescreen!!

As a result – my lecture to practising dentists across India had some compressed pictures – so I had to reassure them that Scottish people do not have unusually long faces or teeth like vampires!

I received some great feedback though so despite the challenges, smiles are the same the world over!!

And all of this while bribing my 13yr old son to keep my 5 yr old daughter amused in the background!!


Many thanks to Ajay and his team for inviting me, and for being so patient!!




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