Cherrybank introduces state of the art laser for cold sores & apthous ulcers

By Steve / November 9th, 2016



Cold sores are annoying clusters of blisters caused by the virus herpes simplex. Over time, the blisters ulcerate and extend to the skin around the mouth and become covered with a crust or scab.

The first signs of a cold sore are commonly itching, burning or tingling sensation. The sores are often painful, occur on a regular basis and appear quite quickly.

Some triggers to watch out for include: exposure to sunlight, local trauma, stress, or a decreased immune system. The “raw” stages of the sore are when it is infectious and are contagious. Typically they usually heal within 7-10 days.



An aphthous ulcer ( also know as a canker sore) is an autoimmune response which causes the skin inside the mouth to be damaged. The ulcer is usually has a white or yellow center with a red border and can be seen on the inside of the lips or cheeks, on or underneath the tongue, and on the back of the throat.


They are usually associated with physical or emotional stress, become painful, and commonly come back in multiple areas. They can vary in size but should usually heal within 2 weeks without treatment. The use of our new laser speeds up healing time and reduces pain throughout healing.


The treatment itself is pain-free. The laser heats the sore or ulcer in order to kill the virus, stimulating your body’s healing mechanisms. The heat is controlled by keeping the tip of the laser several millimeters away from the tissue, taking care not to overheat the area. The skin is not actually touched throughout the process.

Most patients feel better immediately after treatment, and do not require another treatment for ulcers. Cold sores by nature are recurrent. However, the laser treatment can lengthen the time between episodes and further break outs can be suppressed and over time may not return. The time that it takes for the ulcer to heal shortens when compared to no treatment.

Treatment time is short and takes approximately 15 minute appointments.

Cold sores and aphthous ulcers are best treated at the beginning stages. If treated early, a cold sore may not even blister or ulcer.

If you feel an itching, tingling, burning or numb sensation, this is the early sign of a cold sore and you should contact us then to ensure early treatment.

This article was created by Gayle Fagan, Hygienist & Therapist at Cherrybank Perth




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