Ivoclar Vivadent Expert Symposium in Berlin

By Phil / September 18th, 2012


I was delighted to be invited to attend the Ivoclar Vivadent 1st Expert Symposium in Berlin this year where many excellent speakers from across the world met to discuss All Ceramics meets Implant Aesthetics. Ivoclar Vivadent are a company based in Lichtenstein who have revolutionised the porcelain world with a product called E-Max.

E-max porcelain can be used in many situations for porcelain veneers, crowns, some bridges and the discussion was around it’s use in restoring dental implants. The audience consisted of dentists from all around the world, and was simultaneously translated into English, German, Spanish, Japanese, Russian and many other languages. I have been prescribing E-max restorations for our patients in Perth and Edinburgh for many years as in terms of crowns and veneers for front and back teeth, E-max is a pressed lithium disilicate porcelain which is very strong but beautifully aesthetic. When correctly bonded, it is stronger than traditional porcelain, but our master ceramists are able to use the system to produce beautifully natural results.

With implants, there is much study and debate about how to mix the bio-compatibility and

colour benefits of zirconia porcelain with the traditional properties of titanium. Sometimes a dental implant placed at the front of the mouth can give a grey tinge to the gum, whereas the porcelain can overcome this. I was attending this event as the only UK dentist with six dental technicians from across the UK and I learnt so much from hearing them discuss and debate how best to use the different materials in smile design dentistry from their perspective – rather than just that of the dentist and patient. True cosmetic dentistry is a team approach.

Berlin is a wonderful city. I did not have much time for sight-seeing but was completely taken by the mix of architecture. Old against new, traditional against contemporary. The hospitality of the German hosts was exceptional – particularly the dentist I sat next to on the coach one day who gave me a guided tour of the sights we passed by – and was a true family businessman, working alongside his son and daughter who are also dentists!!


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