Invisalign – A Staff Perspective

By Phil / January 8th, 2013

I have to admit that I have been really slow with my Invisalign – or maybe I should rephrase that as ‘taking my time’ and being sure that any time I didn’t have my aligners in I made up for and more – and so I have made it to aligner 10 of 13 and am delighted with the difference.

People have been commenting! Despite the number of ‘there’s nothing wrong with your teeth’s – it’s amazing how many comments I’ve had on the new me – and not all my friends are dentists!!

I can honestly say I am glad I have done this, and have found it to be no problem in a job where I talk to people all day long.


I just snapped this picture with my iphone quickly this afternoon but I think you can see the difference especially from this angle – 10 aligners, roughly 20 weeks. Pretty good going!!

Dr Elaine Halley

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