Inman Aligner

By Phil / March 16th, 2012

At Cherrybank Dental Spa, we are often asked about different options for straightening front teeth in adults. Many adults are not concerned about having the perfect Hollywood Smile, but would like straighter teeth. They also don’t really want to have fixed braces if they can help it, or have treatment that lasts for too long.

One treatment option for straightening front teeth is the Inman Aligner. This is a removable brace which works with a special spring system to straighten teeth very quickly. It’s main advantage is that it only needs to be worn for 17hrs per day to get the full effect. This means that if you wear it all night long, there is a 7 hr window where you don’t need to wear it without affecting its results. This is very different from many other systems which require 24hr wear.


You take the Inman out for eating and it is a bit more bulky and obvious than the invisible Invisalign system, but the advantage is it can be more cost effective and quicker. Most adults find they can adapt to talking with it OK – although, being honest, if you are on the telephone a lot you may want to take it out for that or consider a daintier alternative.

Having said all that, we have many raving fans about the Inman Aligner and particularly it seems to be a hit before weddings – just remember to think ahead enough – at least 4 months is good if your teeth are not too squint! The buzz word in dentistry at the moment is Align, Bleach, Bond – which means that often a very cost-effective, simple but amazingly effective and natural way to improve your smile is to align your teeth, whiten them and then have any uneven edges reshaped with composite filling bonding which invisibly blends in to enhance your new straight, white smile!!

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Last updated May 2nd, 2018