Guest Blog from Josh, a young dentist shadowing Dr Halley

By Phil / December 4th, 2014

Cherrybank Practice Visit – attended 26/11/14

My afternoon at Cherrybank Dental Spa was spent observing a wide range of treatments as well as understanding the daily workings of the practice.

After observing a complete new patient assessment, it was clear to me that the patient experience is of vital importance, and the team approach to guide the patient’s journey is fundamental to the practice’s ethos.

I was impressed by the quality of care afforded to each patient and the use of treatment coordinators to triage their aesthetic concerns and guide each patient through their treatment options. I found this to be a very efficient method of introducing a patient into the practice and provided a very personal approach to cater for individual needs.

I took great interest in the fundamentals of smile design carried out at Cherrybank, which takes into account the patients facial features and utilizes photo and video imaging to highlight to the patient the roots of their dental and aesthetic concerns. I found video analysis to be a great tool in the treatment planning process and one that I may use in the future.

I picked up some great learning tools ranging from clinical techniques to treatment ethics, which will put me in great stead to carrying out the best possible dentistry for my patients’ in my current training year. As I expressed an interest in short term orthodontics, Elaine took the time to show me the possibilities of Invisilign treatment and the modalities of how it is achieved. I feel that after discussing and researching the different systems, I would be keen to pursue this as a treatment option I could provide for my patients in the future.

Having recently graduated now working in a training practice, the most important factor in improving my clinical abilities has been a committed effort to expanding my knowledge and understanding of fundamental concepts. I find shadowing more experienced dental professionals very helpful in broadening my treatment planning abilities, taking into account what treatments are available and what materials work best in certain clinical situations.

In the future I hope to continue along the restorative dentistry path, participating in courses and learning from more experienced clinicians to enhance my learning and range of clinical abilities.

Though short term, I am aiming to get the most out of my training year and hone my clinical abilities as a young dental practitioner, to provide the best possible long-­-term care for my patients.Although I was only there for a short time, I feel I observed a broad range of treatments and made the most of my afternoon.

I would like to thank Elaine and her team for taking the time to show me their practice and I hope this short description of my experience will be useful.

With thanks, Josh Rowley (BDS)

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