Fixed Teeth In A Day Information Evenings

By Phil / July 20th, 2012

Perth – Tues 31st July, 6pm to 8pm

Edinburgh – Thus 2nd Aug, 6pm to 8pm

Hosted by Dr Elaine Halley and Dr David Bloom

If you have Dentures, a partial Denture or Failing Teeth, this new treatment could change your life – even if you’ve previously been told that nothing can be done.

Thanks to proven implant technology, we can replace a full jaw of existing teeth, or dentures, with new permanent teeth in just one day. Greatly reducing the stress on our patients and removing the need to wear a denture during treatment.

So if your teeth are making your life miserable, let us put a smile on your face in just one day.To find out the location of our Perth and Edinburgh Dental Spa’s simply click here.

Book your place at our evening today by calling 0845 130 9445 or filling out a contact form.

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