Fixed Teeth In A Day – Case Study

By Phil / August 15th, 2014

Having lived with a fear of dentist for many years following a succession of many bad childhood experiences Andrew decided to do something about it. His mouth was a mess of painful, broken teeth and he didn’t know what to do.

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Last year, having putting up with a fear of dentists after many bad childhood experiences I decided to formulate a plan to rectify the pain & missing/broken teeth, my mouth was a mess and my choices were limited.

I had an appointment with a dentist in Edinburgh, who could not have been more off putting! Spent 5 minutes, came up with a price & confirmed that I would need at least 30 visits & would need to wear dentures in between! I left demoralised, thinking there must be something better, surely?

I saw an advert for Budapest which I thought would be great to get the treatment on my mouth done cheaper and see the city at the same time, this was not to be the case, a lot was left hanging in the balance and would involve at least 3 weeks at the very least.

After arriving back in Edinburgh, I saw an advert for an All on 4 open evening at Cherrybank Dental Spa. Whilst there was slight nerves, there didn’t need to be, from the moment I walked in I had a feeling that this was going to work out. How right, after a presentation by Doctor Elaine Halley & her team & an initial consultation I decided to go for it!


I made an appointment in September last year, this was followed by several further appointments. It was confirmed very quickly that I could be eligible for all on 4 (extractions, implants & new teeth in a day)

Following further treatment, it was confirmed that everything could be done in a day! This was amazing as I never thought that this would be possible.

A date was confirmed for late October, the surgeon (Dr Guy McLennan) introduced himself & said “it is going to be painless” I was advised to go for conscious sedation & although I don’t remember a lot about the day, it passed very quickly. I did have an infection on the bottom of my mouth which was treated at the same time, so I did experience a little pain, but didn’t feel anything with the various extractions made.

I have been back since & the teeth have now been replaced with new permanent ones.

One of the highlights just before the operation, was my 4 year old nephew who ran his fingers along his front teeth & smiled. About a month after the operation my two nephews were visiting, I was able to smile back at him running my fingers along my front teeth!

Now the important thing, Cherrybank Dental. So, so many good things to say about the company and it’s staff. Here’s a shortened synopsis …

Each time I had an appointment, walking into Cherrybank, the waiting room made you feel at ease with soothing music & a very comfy couch! There are too many staff to thank, you would think by now I would have remembered all their names! Doctor Halley has an immensely professional & friendly team. I went along to an open evening after my operation, I couldn’t believe with speaking to people there that night, I was able to do something positive in helping other people with their own situation. The staff at Cherrybank make you feel very welcome and put you immediately at ease with any nerves you may have. Whilst I was asked on the day of my operation, would I do it again? It really is painless!

I have a million thanks to Cherrybank, Doctor Halley & her team have done a totally marvellous job, as a hotel manager it has given me back my confidence and put the fear of god into my nephews!

I thoroughly would recommend Cherrybank, why not come along to their next open evening? I’d be happy to share my experience and answer any questions you may have! My case was on a difficulty scale probably off the chart, so if Cherrybank can do it for me, they are more than happy to help you!


Andrew had certainly done his research before visiting us and he had many relevant questions. He was not an easy implant case due to the position of his jaws and the condition of his remaining teeth. It has been an absolute pleasure to be able to help him to regain his smile and his confidence. The beauty of the allon4 technique and working with surgeons as talented as Guy McLellan, and our expert dental technician Richard Clegg is that we were able to transform Andrew’s smile in one day without the need for dentures. Dentures would have been a challenge because of his overjet but because the implants hold everything in place, we were able to recreate a smile and good chewing capacity without needing anything removable. – Dr Elaine Halley


Last updated May 2nd, 2018