Farmer’s Teeth and Straightening Options

By Phil / July 4th, 2012

One advantage of all this wet weather is that the farmers around Perth and Edinburgh have time to get their teeth fixed! One such farmer visited us today from north of Dundee. He knew he needed a filling and a hygiene appointment from three years ago! He was also wondering about tooth straightening as he was suffering from recurrent bouts of bleeding gums around the lower front teeth, where he felt they had always been a bit over-crowded but had recently got worse. This is often the case that teeth drift more as we get older, but in this case, it had resulted in a lower front tooth (incisor) nearly being pushed right out the front. We discussed various options including the Inman aligner, Invisalign or short term fixed orthodontics (sometimes known as six month smiles). We could have used the Inman, but he needed his top teeth to be treated to make room for the lowers to be straightened, and upper and lower Inman can be a mouthful!

Invisalign can treat upper and lower teeth at the same time, and they can be flexible in terms of review appointments. We have many patients who either work abroad or have demanding jobs that make frequent visits difficult. With Invisalign, we can identify in advance where the most adjustments will be required, and can tailor the treatment to fit around holidays or work commitments without losing time. So for this farmer – a rainy day helped his gums, he got his fillings, and all the photographs and impressions we need for the Invisalign Computers to get to work with the science required to straighten his teeth. Will there be another rainy day in a few weeks to get started with Invisalign – I wonder!!

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