Dublin Marathon 2012

By Phil / November 5th, 2012

This time last week (10am on a Monday) I had started running and running and running!! I am still nursing a couple of bruised toenails but other than that, hard to believe that I took part in the Dublin Marathon 2012 on a chilly Monday in October. More than 14,500 runners from over 38 countries took part, and according to the amazing text I received on crossing the finish line – I was placed 10,399!! Not bad for a non-athlete dentist mother of three!!

As part of a mid-life crisis on passing the big 40 , I decided that I would run a marathon every year and raise funds and awareness for Parkinson’s UK. Parkinson’s affects my father, but also my uncle and several close family friends. Parkinson’s UK help to fund care and research, as well as family and individual support.

Last year, I tackled Edinburgh in gale force winds. This year, fortunately, Dublin was clear and calm. I had been recommended Dublin as being a flat course and was somewhat dismayed to find the taxi driver taking me down a hill on our approach into the city. ‘This isn’t flat!’ I exclaimed in a panic!! To which the driver replied ‘My dear, if you are worried about a gentle incline like this, you should maybe reconsider the 26.2 miles, I think you’ll be in trouble!’. Cheek! Luckily for me, training around the Glenalmond area where I live is full of REAL hills, but nevertheless, any slight incline after 18miles or so feels like a mountain. I am beginning to understand that the definition of a ‘flat’ marathon means ‘no mountains’. Not quite the same thing.

I am very proud that I managed to run all the way. Fuelled on by the wonderful support of the people of Dublin handing out everything from slices of apple to cake and polo mints (and I didn’t care if they were bad for my teeth!!) So slow but steady I ran and ran and made it over the finish line just in time for a medicinal Guinness!

Thank you so much to everyone who donated on my Just Giving Page – the donations are actually still coming in but the total of cash and on-line now amounts to over £850 so thank you to everyone. It really did spur me on knowing I was part of a bigger cause.

So – my trainers can have a rest for a little while while I plan the next one…!!

Dr Elaine Halley

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