Dr Josh Rowley visits DMG headquarters in Hamburg

By Steve / July 6th, 2016

I had the privilege of being invited on an all expenses paid trip to Hamburg in June with the dental company Dental Milestones Guaranteed (DMG). DJosh HamburgMG are a dental product manufacture who specialise in innovative, quality materials which we use on a daily basis in the Cherrybank practices. These products are industry leading and give us dentists peace of mind that we will be giving our patients a high quality result. It was pleasure to get to meet the team behind label and learn a bit more about the products.
The 3-day event started with a very early flight from Edinburgh. On arrival, we met the teams who were invited from all over the UK. We were invited on a tour of the DMG factory to witness how our beloved dental materials were actually made. Before embarking on this tour, I had images in my head of vast factory floors brimming with stainless steel machines and hundreds of workers frantically screwing lids and sticking barcodes. But it really wasn’t like that at all. It actually surprised me how efficient and economical the factory was. Having a good understanding of what these materials consisted of already, it was great to see how the raw materials used transformed into the compounds we use and love. A great deal of chemistry and testing is carried out to ensure a predictable high quality is produced and it was great to see the stages of the manufacturing process. Being a bit of a science geek myself, I found it a very eye opening experience and everyone on the tour was amazed how efficient the whole process was.

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During the few days spent in Germany, we were taken to tour the sights of Hamburg in a vintage bus and shown the interesting attractions and areas of the city. We embarked on a dinner safari visiting lots of traditional German restaurants and finished in the famous Hamburg Reeperbahn where some of us kept going to the early hours. We were staying in the very stylish SIDE hotel in the heart of Hamburg which had an amazing spa, perfect for curing any sore heads the morning after.

On the last day before our departure home, we ate lunch in the grand Parliament restaurant in city hall. It was a great experience for me meeting like-minded individuals and making new friends. I learned a great deal from the experience and would thoroughly recommend a visit to the beautiful city of Hamburg.Dr. Josh Rowley


Dr Josh Rowley

Dentist at Cherrybank Dental Spa, Edinburgh.

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