Dr Halley joins the Invisalign European Advisory board

By Phil / October 8th, 2014

Our principal dentist Dr Elaine Halley has had a busy few months travelling in the name of dentistry! The globe trotting began with a trip to Amsterdam to take part in a European Advisory Committee for Aesthetic Dentistry hosted by Invisalign.

Invisalign are the company who make invisible braces for teenagers and adults. They are a global company and their products are very well researched and developed. Dr Halley is currently treating her teenage son with Invisalign and although there have been a few complaints, as one would expect from a teenager, the treatment has been going very well.

Hamish has had a busy summer, with a school choir trip to Spain, a Perth choir trip to sing in EuroDisney and then a school exchange to South Africa! And it didn’t end there – he then took part in a two week Youth Musical Theatre Project in London. And all of this whilst wearing his Invisalign trays. I am amazed. I had a few panic texts about braces being left in different places but he either managed to find them again or move onto the next set. The benefit of teen invisalign is that there are two spare trays provided for no extra charge . We haven’t had to use it yet but you never know! – Dr Halley states

The European Advisory board was made up of dentists from all across Europe – countries such as France, Austria, Italy, Spain and Germany were all represented. Each member presented an introduction to themselves and how they have worked with Invisalign.

The members ranged from Professors, educators, orthodontists and aesthetic dentists. Dr Halley is the most experienced dentist with invisalign in Scotland, and represented herself and Cherrybank Dental Spa with some before and after photographs of patients demonstrating how we integrate invisalign with digital smile design in our practices in Edinburgh and Perth – and now Glasgow!

When we analyse a smile, there is a golden rule that if the teeth are healthy but in the wrong position, the best treatment is to move them to the right position. Invisalign helps us to do this in a very predictable manner.

I was very humbled to be in such prestigious company with dentists and specialists from around Europe. One of my mentors, Dr. Luca Dalocca who is currently the President of The European Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry was the first to present. He is truly an artist and his work with porcelain veneers has taught me so much, – Dr Halley explains.

The good news is that Invisalign as a company are keen to listen. One of our requests for further development is that we can bring the face photo to the Invisalign Clincheck – which is the computer generated movie of how the teeth will move. And also that Invisalign becomes more Mac friendly. Most of our smile design work is done on Apple products. It is really exciting that Invisalign have this in their sights.

We will keep you posted!

Last updated May 2nd, 2018