Dr Halley attends course in Advanced use of PRGF

By Phil / April 23rd, 2014


In our quest to integrate the plasma rich in growth factors (PRGF Endoret) into Cherrybank Dental Spa in Perth and Edinburgh, Dr Elaine Halley and Gail Dow (practice manager for Edinburgh) travelled to Reading to visit Professor Bob Khanna’s practice and attend a course in Advanced Use of PRGF in Facial Aesthetics.

‘We have known Professor Khanna for many years and he taught me how to do anti-wrinkle treatment with botox about 8 years ago when we were introducing facial aesthetics into our practices. He has been a pioneer and is one of the most experienced clinicians in the UK.’

Gail was Dr Halley’s patient for the course where we were using PRGF as a tissue conditioner for facial aesthetics. There are two benefits for this :

  1. The PRGF conditions the tissues by enhancing hydration, healing and collagen formation. This means that the effects of hyaluronic acid fillers eg Juvederm and Voluma will be enhanced and last longer.
  2. The use of PRGF in the same planes as fillers are intended for gives a ‘preview’ of how the fillers will look. The effect of the PRGF will be absorbed by the body after 2-3 days but it is very useful to see if the effect is the desired one. This allows the surgeon and the patient to discuss if more or less will be needed when the filler is used.

The gold standard treatment for dermal fillers is now to pre-treat 2-3 times with the completely safe PRGF which is taken from a little of your own blood.

Gail was delighted ‘ I was so pleased with the added volume in my cheek area that I was disappointed when the PRGF went down! I will definitely be back for more!!’

PRGF is being introduced to our clinics in Perth and Edinburgh – and can also be used for overall skin tone enhancement.

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