Dovetail Dental Visit – All on 4

By Phil / February 23rd, 2012

AllOn4Dr Halley and Jillian Melloy, our clinical manager, travelled to Newcastle last Friday to spend a day with the team at Dovetail Dental. Dr Rob Wain is the principal dentist there and was a fellow classmate with Dr Halley on the recently completed MSc in Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry.

“I was fascinated to visit Dovetail Dental because this practice has been built entirely around the concept of taking dentally ‘lost causes’ and transforming them in one day. This often involves using dental implants in a technique known as All on Four. This means that four implants are used to rebuild teeth – and avoids the need for dentures at any time during the process. On Friday, we watched an 84yr old gentleman who had a few remaining teeth, but had been unable to wear his upper denture. His family persuaded him to do something about it, and by 5pm on Friday, he walked out with a full fixed set of upper teeth. It utterly transformed his face, giving him back the dignity of a full smile. A very emotional moment had tears welling up in both Jillian and my eyes!

At Cherrybank, we have been placing implants for over 15 years. Implants have a very high success rate and have been well studied over the years. The differences with this technique are that because only 4 implants are used, it can be much more cost-effective than other combinations. In addition, the system is worked out so that any teeth needing removed are replaced with a fixed replacement. Many people cannot stand the thought of wearing a denture, even as a temporary measure. This technique means you don’t have to. The system involves co-coordinating a surgeon, a dental technician and a dentist who all carry out their roles on the same day – it can be done!!

Jillian and I are very excited by everything we learnt from Rob and his surgeon Dave, at Dovetail, and we are going to be working together to integrate these same systems into Cherrybank. So if you know of anyone who feels like they are a lost cause, or for whom implants seemed like an expensive option – this may be a fantastic third alternative!!”

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