DMG, Hamburg – Dr Elaine Halley alpha tests new digital dentistry software

By Cherrybank Admin / October 1st, 2019

At Cherrybank Dental Spa we know that our patients expect us to stay aware of all the latest developments in our sphere of knowledge – dentistry.

Dr Elaine Halley is one of the pioneers in the UK of the ‘digital dentistry’ workflow. Often digital technology can make the delivery of dentistry more predictable. Many of you who have visited the practice recently may have had a tour of the mouth with our new Itero Digital Scanner. This is an optical scan (no radiation involved) which allows us to capture 3-D digital records of your teeth.

Dr Halley was recently invited to travel to Hamburg, Germany to the headquarters of dental company DMG to join a group of the UK’s leading dentists and dental technicians to alpha-test new software which will link digital scans to 3-D printers.

Digital dentistry DMG hamburg dr elaine halley

When this workflow is fully developed it will allow us to print bite splints, whitening trays, mouthguards and many other items which currently need to be sent away. This will allow us to provide these items more quickly and most importantly more accurately.

Digital Smile Design already allows us to plan smiles digitally – the printing workflow would allow us to print trial or demo smiles which can be tried in very quickly to let you see what a difference changing your smile could make.

It was a real privilege to be invited by DMG to be part of their alpha test group. To be able to influence the future of digital dentistry is very exciting and will greatly enhance patient care. (Dr Elaine Halley, Cherrybank Dental Spa)

The Itero Scanner 5D from Align Technology also allows us to identify very early tooth decay without the use of x-rays and again at Cherrybank Dental Spa we are pioneers in that subject too. More to come on that!

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Last updated October 1st, 2019