Digital Smile Design Global Conference 2019

By Cherrybank Admin / February 1st, 2019

Digital Smile Design Global Conference 2019Our own Dr Elaine Halley was delighted to be invited to attend the first ever conference for global Digital Smile Design Instructors and Key Opinion Leaders. She was one of 35 instructors (six of them women!) who attended the meeting in Madrid in January this year at the Digital Smile Design headquarters. Dr Christian Coachman and his brother Dr Frances Coachman chaired the meeting where discussion was held about how the digital workflow is changing the face of dentistry as we know it. Among this group was Dr Halley’s great friend and mentor Dr Andrea Shepperson who had travelled all the way from New Zealand to attend.

‘We worked hard and discussed best practice across all them that affect dentistry today – from patient journey to very technical details that can help dentistry to be more predictable. For instance, the technology exists today to be able to use digitally designed guides to help with tooth preparation for porcelain veneers, ensuring that only the exact amount of tooth that is required for beautiful porcelain is removed – this is being pioneered by a dentist lead company called First Fit and I was privileged to meet the young ‘brains’ behind the project.’

‘There are also digital guides that can help with implant placement, changing the position of the gums and we also learnt about the ‘lip lift’ which is a plastic surgery procedure which can help with an ageing face’

‘Ultimately, it all comes down to diagnosis. I learnt more about how we can use digital technology like our Itero scanner in new and better ways. Being able to simulate the authenticity of nature using the ‘copy-paste’ techniques that digital lets us have access too is certainly going to revolutionise how dentistry is performed in the future. And using techniques like Smile Donator, natural teeth can be copied and adapted for smile design.’

Dr Elaine Halley also teaches Digital Smile Design to other dentists across the UK so she makes sure that she stays ahead of the curve so that she can share this knowledge with her students, but also embrace the benefits at Cherrybank Dental Spa, Perth.

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Last updated April 8th, 2019